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February 19, 2017 | Issue 8


Headmaster News
Welcome from Our Headmaster

The internet is a wonderful tool that has revolutionised the world. It has numerous benefits and can be an extremely positive aspect of our lives. However, last week there was 'Safer Internet Day' and I encourage all parents to read the article below by Jonathan Taylor one of the world's leading experts on keeping children safe on the internet.

Guidelines & Restrictions to Protect your Child
'Wherever you child goes online so should you..........'

These guidelines can be used by parents wanting to protect their child from the many online dangers that can exist.
These are guidelines and designed for parents to use when required.

SNS = Social Networking Sites

• Set limits on when they can use the computer and for how long.

• Agree what types of sites are permissible and which are not.

• Encourage them to come to you if anything online makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened.

• Make it very clear that they must not give out personal information without your permission. In particular, addresses, phone numbers, school details, passwords or pictures.

• Warn them to be careful about giving away their email address in chat rooms or when registering for sites.

• Forbid them to meet anyone in person that they encounter online without your consent and without a responsible adult present.

• Agree what types of sites are permissible and which are not; for example you may make a policy of not allowing them to use un-moderated chat rooms or to use file sharing programs.

• Restrict their ability to download software, music or other files without your permission. (Big difference between iTunes & File Sharing Systems)

• Agree whether (or not) they are allowed to spend money online. Although you might not give them your credit card, if you have already stored your details at an online store it may be easy for children to spend your money if you don't take steps to limit their access or agree ground rules.

• Explain what viruses and spyware are, what you are doing to prevent them and ask them to come to you if they get an alert while online.

• Research age-appropriate internet sites that you can suggest to your children.

• Adult to set up email and password, to allow for access, updating or changing when need arises. (For all sites that require email log in)

• Remember computer can be set up to allow user to automatically log in.

• Email username not to include identifiable features such as (laila_14_cairo......)

• Adult to set up MSN account using avatar not real image, and only allow max of 15 contacts, (see last guideline) all should be known or had identity verified, (eg school, club friend or family)

• Messenger service (MSN or Yahoo) to be set up so as to save chat history, and should be periodically checked (for any offline messages).

• SNS profiles to be created by adult so as to be in control of password, to allow for access, updating or changing when need arises. Computer can be set up to allow user to automatically log in. Allow membership to just ONE site.

• SNS profile not to include image of user on home page (Un 16). Profile to be set to private, however, remember some SNS do have facility to show who is online. Password to kept by parent / guardian to allow for access, updating or changing when need arises. Remember computers can be set up to allow user to automatically log in. No personal details on site.....Email / mobile /address / school / clubs / age.......etc

• Parent / Guardian to become members of the same site, either with or without correct details, photograph to be included.

• Add son / daughter as friend / contact, and they must accept you.

• Parent / Guardian to add their profile and photograph to home page of son / daughter, for all child's contacts to see, perhaps with heading 'My mum / dad who sometimes comes on as me to check.....etc'.

• Every 2 -3 weeks log on as the younger user and make it known that you are not them and are there to check.

• Chat facilities, Web Cam Chats, File Sharing Systems should NOT be used, even if they state they are for children only. The users are only electronically verified and so anyone can join. Chat facilities do not require profiles and allow for complete anonymity.

• Consider limiting the amount of friends son/daughter allowed to invite / accept dependent on age; eg (11-13 yrs = 30 contacts) (14 yrs = 40 contacts) (15 yrs = 50 contacts) (16 yrs = Unlimited but monitored)
These points are made to assist parents in monitoring and educating children and is shared to support you in supporting your child is this very important and increasingly huge part of a child's life.

This week has seen a very well supported Valentine's Day celebration and later today the Valentine's Dance. The Student Council have been at the forefront of the organisation of these events and should be congratulated for the commitment and organisation.

I hope the Year 6's have a great time on their London trip and my sincere thanks to Mr. Macaulay, Ms. Osman and Mr.Nonis for supervising this trip.

Dates for Diary
Friday 17th February to Saturday 25th February Year 6 trip to London

Let's hope that the weekend sees the weather warm up!

Martyn Smith

Upcoming Events
Tuesday - February 21, 2017
Saturday - February 25, 2017
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Wednesday - March 1, 2017
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Monday - March 13, 2017
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Wednesday - March 15, 2017
Welcome from Our Head of Primary

Dear Parents, Children and Staff,

Since the last newsletter two weeks ago, many interesting things have been taking place in Primary.

5D's Space themed assembly allowed the audience to join the class as they travelled through our solar system. They described the characteristics of each planet, identified some constellations and found some strange creatures from another world....the teachers! By Ms Patton and 5D.

2B have been learning about Materials in Science and Traditional tales in Literacy. The children put on an assembly to explain the differences between materials and their uses. 2B were able to show case the link between Literacy and Science by retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs as well as including the history of the London Bridge. Each stage of the presentation was accompanied by well learnt songs. By Mr Gumpo and 2B.

In their class assembly, 6E presented a short play about Electricity, a topic which they have been learning about it Science. The story was set during a game show where contestants had to press a buzzer to answer questions. One of the buzzers didn't work, so electricians had to come and fix it. As they did so, the class explained how circuits work, how we use electricity in our daily lives and how to stay safe around electrical appliances. The buzzer was fixed, the game show could go on and 6E rounded off everything with a song. The students enjoyed performing and showing off their scientific knowledge to the audience and their parents. By Mrs Legg and 6E.

2D demonstrated their learning and understanding of Ancient Egypt. During the class assembly with the help of Ms Majeika, they visited the magic lands of the Pharaohs, pyramid builders and mummification embalmers. All of the children had a great time on their amazing adventure, and learnt many new facts and skills, on the way. By Ms Viv and 2D


Thank you to all of the parents who attended the learning mornings. I am sure you will agree these sessions are very beneficial in demonstrating how we teacher your children.

There were a wide variety of lessons taking place and many parents took part enthusiastically whether this was in designing and making circuits, pretending to be Egyptian football players or acting out a scene from a play. The children loved sharing their learning journey with you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Year 3 Maths Update

In Year 3, so far this term we have covered fractions, place value and adding money by using practical and kinaesthetic tools to help the students understand the concepts. For Learning Morning, parents and students had to measure shapes to calculate the perimeter, this allowed parents to help and see their child's skill of using a ruler, and applying the skill to practical shapes. We continue to build on these skills to further develop our number sense to other areas of math such addition and subtraction, mental calculations, reading scales to calculate weight, and reading time to the nearest minute. Ms Noga

At CES we believe not only in educating the children academically, but also socially and emotionally. This month see the introduction of our 'Value of the Month' program. This new initiative is being led by Ms Nardine our Educational Values Mentor. She aims to raise the awareness of key values such as honesty, loyalty, responsibility, accountability and trust to name just a few.
This month the focus will be on respect. Respect comes in many different forms, respect for one's self as well as respect for others and property. There will be variety of different activities planned throughout the month both within the classroom and in the playground that help the children to understand the meaning of respect and what it looks like in different situations.

Ms Nardine writes...

A Bucket of Values

The idea is to have a value that we focus on for the whole month in primary, using different tools to introduce the value to our students through assemblies, songs, videos, stories, games, activates and PSHE classes.

Therefore, we are covering the value from all aspects and in all possible ways, to reinforce basic values in our students; we hope it will then become part of their character in later life.

Our first value is RESPECT. Research says that...

Respect is one of the lost values in the society nowadays, lack of respect is indeed a problem that the majority of people seem to accept, although it poses a serious dilemma on our values and character education. In fact, when we tolerate disrespectful behaviour, it could eventually lead to crime and violence. Clearly, our present society lacks the clear perception about respect.

That is why at CES we want to focus on Core values because we believe that, we are building the next generation that will change the society.

We believe that by working together teachers and parents we will raise our students to be influential, respectful and successful.

For further information about respect and how to deal with disrespectful behaviour in children or teenagers please read the below articles.


Congratulations to the following children for the fantastic achievements outside of school.

Maryam Mohamed Hassan from 3B won the Gold Medal from the Egyptian Amateur Roller Skating Federation in the Egypt Cup. She also came 4th in the general competition.

Maya Louis from 6E came third in her age group during for the solo skating performance and first place in the group competition during the Egyptian championships. They will be representing Egypt in a championship in Italy next week. We all wish them good luck.


26th February – 27th February Book focus Days
28th February 8:00 am – 4:00 pm PTC Day
1st – 4th March Mid Term Break

Celebrating Success

Congratulations to the Louis sisters Lara and Maya for their brilliant performance this past weekend in a national skating competition. Maya in 6E was awarded 3rd place in her age group for an outstanding solo performance. Both Lara and Maya also participated in the under 12 group performance and walked away with 1st place. After their hard work in training Lara and Maya will be traveling to Italy this month to represent Egypt in an international competition.

8B Art Exhibition opening

Cubism and Collages
Upper Library 8th March Parents Coffee morning

A Gruffalo Workshop for FS1

Over the course of the week beginning 5 February, all FS1 classes had the opportunity to participate in a puppet workshop at the Sitara Theatre Company.

The workshop centred on the story of The Gruffalo, written by Julia Donaldson. The aim of attending this workshop was to build on children's learning and understanding of the use of puppets in storytelling. There were plenty of opportunities to play with and use rhyme in a specific context, as well as developing their performance skills.

On the days of the workshops, the children gathered excitedly in the puppet theatre awaiting a short performance of The Gruffalo by the Sitara staff. The FS1 children are familiar with this story so were really looking forward to seeing 'a real life' Gruffalo!

After the performance, the children had the opportunity to make a puppet from the characters in the story. Each class chose a specific character to create; a fox, a little brown mouse, a snake or an owl. We then took part in a rhyming activity, looking at the words in the story that rhyme, and seeing if we could think of more to add of our own. The children were so clever that when asked 'Do you know what rhyming means?' They replied 'Yes – the end sounds the same'. Well done FS1!

Finally, the children participated in learning a song about a Gruffalo. The song had many words to describe the peculiar characteristics of the Gruffalo and the actions to the song were so funny too! The children had such a wonderful time with their learning!

FS2 were supposed to have a field trip this week but the weather was very unpredictable and so we will try again next week.
Year 1 have had fun this week with Science and Lego...more about that in our next newsletter!

Best wishes from
The Early Years Team!

Appreciation Certificate


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