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May 25, 2017 | Issue 13


Headmaster News
Welcome from Our Headmaster

As we move into the final weeks of Term 3 I just need to state that although the end of term is nearer than it was two weeks ago it is not the end of term yet and that any idea that teaching and learning finishes with assessments being completed is totally wrong! The British system is not one driven by assessments alone. Assessments are extremely important but so is learning from those tests. Students are taking, will be taking or will have completed assessments. Whatever their current situation when they finish, learning takes place in going over tests and seeing where strengths lie, areas that knowledge and understanding is secure but also a time to reflect areas where understanding was weak, where under test conditions understanding was not fully consolidated. The time after assessments is probably more important than the actual test. The British system does not have 'end of year' assessments with a final grade report. The system is based on continually assessing performance and seeing if that understanding is secure under test conditions. Therefore, I must emphasise to you that even though it will be the Holy Month of Ramadan, international schools using international curricula will be continuing to work and that children are expected to attend school to continue their learning journey. Please support that learning journey with continued full attendance.

To remind you during the Holy Month of Ramadan the start time, bus pick-up is as normal whilst the finish time will be 2.05pm; one hour earlier than normal and that buses will depart at 2.20pm to return home. There will be no late buses now until the end of term.

Thank you again to the wonderful PTSA for organising a Ramadan bag collection and a huge 263,000 LE donated to Misr El Kheir Foundation to purchase Ramadan cartons for families in Upper Egypt. This is over 1300 cartons to families that will, I am sure, be gratefully received by families much worse off than we are.

Our monthly theme is closely linked with Ramadan and is focusing on empathy. An ability 'to walk in the shoes of others' to understand people and to be compassionate. Showing empathy improves you as a person; it develops your character because you become more compassionate and helpful. If you show a person you understand them, you bring that person comfort. Empathy is not about giving advice but listening to others and showing an understanding for them. Empathy is a key trait in becoming a better person because you demonstrate a deeper understanding of issues. As we enter the Holy Month of Ramadan, I hope I can demonstrate empathy and compassion as well as the whole school community.

Ramadan Kareem

Upcoming Events
Sunday - June 4, 2017
Monday - June 5, 2017
Wednesday - June 7, 2017
Sunday - June 11, 2017
Monday - June 12, 2017
Thursday - June 15, 2017
Thursday - June 22, 2017
Early Years children have made a great effort to fill their Ramadan Food Bank!

As part of our Ramadan activities, Early Years children are given the opportunity to acknowledge and thank all our housekeeping, transport, maintenance and security staff for their hard work and commitment to our school. Each class is asked to collect a particular food item. Children then bring their donations to the 'Ramadan Food Bank' to combine them with all the other class's items.
Together they see how much we can do when we all make our small contribution. Our Ramadan bags will be ready to give to our school workers on Thursday 25th May - our Egyptian Cultural Day celebration.

FS Animal Walk

On Monday, 15th of May, the Foundation Stage had a special visit by a representative from ESMA (the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals). Selected children from FS1 and FS2 presented Mr. Mohammed Abou Karim with the money raised from our recent Animal Fun Walk. The final amount collected reached a total of 3430 L.E.
Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the event.

Grandparents visit FS1 for Story Time!

In FS1, we know how important our family is and that everyone is special, but someone who is extra special is a grandparent!

During the week of 30th April, the FS1 classes invited grandparents to visit during their story time. Many grandparents volunteered to share their favourite stories.

The children listened attentively and with great enthusiasm to a variety of different stories that were shared. These ranged from traditional stories re-told from memory in Arabic to classic and modern stories read from books. Some grandparents read traditional fairy tales as well and the children really enjoyed joining in with the phrases they knew!

The children and the grandparents had a fantastic time and were so delighted to share this wonderful experience together.

Thank you to all the families that participated!

Grandparents' Story time in FS2.

FS2 pupils had great delight in welcoming grandparents into their classrooms for what proved to be very successful story sessions. The sessions, which took place over two days, were a great way for the Early Years children to be exposed to story times led by family members rather than their teachers. A selection of Big Books were read aloud to the children, including titles such as 'Room on The Broom', and 'Monkey Puzzle'. It was also lovely to meet grandparents of current Year 1 classes, reading to younger siblings.

The Day a Pilot landed in FS2!

Last week, the children in FS2 were treated to a very special visit from a pilot! Captain Gado of Egypt Air, came in and spoke to the children about his job as part of our 'Up and Away' topic. The children were so excited to hear how aeroplanes fly and how he navigates them.
To show us the parts of a plane, Captain Gado had a lovely little assistant, his daughter Joudy from FS2G! He was very pleased to answer all of the children's wonderful questions. The children were astonished to hear that Captain Gado has flown for 7,000 hours!

Swimming in FS1

The summer is now upon us and FS1 have started their swimming classes. On Sunday 14th May the first group of swimmers came into school all excitedly clutching their swimming bags and the first question fired at their teacher was: "When are we swimming?" and "I have my mayo and slippers" as they tapped their bags containing their swimwear.

At their allotted times the classes changed and made their way poolside. Safety is our main concern for the children so the lesson began with one of the swimming coaches explaining the 'Pool Rules' to the children. Then they were each given a life jacket; the children all wear life jackets for extra safety in the water until we have determined their swimming ability. They put the life jackets on and walked along the poolside and sat down. The swimming coaches were waiting for the children both in the water and out along with our PE teacher Miss Tanya.

The first lesson mainly consisted of the children familiarising themselves with the pool and pool routines. They learnt how to enter the water safely and how to exit the water quickly. They confidently put their faces in the water to blow bubbles and made lots of bubbly noises. All the children really enjoyed it when the coach asked them to kick their legs to make big splashes. With the assistance of the coaches the children all had a go at floating, first on their fronts and then on their backs.

All too soon, the first lesson was over. The children had really enjoyed their swimming and eagerly await the next one!

Swimming in FS2

The children in FS2 are currently enjoying weekly swimming lessons during PE. It is wonderful to see the children learning this essential skill, but also having fun at the same time.
For some of the children it is their first encounter in the water, so it is fantastic that we have such amazing facilities here at CES and are thus able to provide them with this opportunity from such an early age.

Year 1 Sporting Achievement

Salah Ahmed Farrag 1KA – Football Champion, Hewaya Football Academy!
Well done to Salah Farrag in Year 1 who was awarded Best Scorer and Best Player for 2017, at Hewaya Football Academy. His team also won the 'Champions League' this year. We were delighted to celebrate his achievements at our Year 1 assembly on Tuesday 23rd May.

Welcome from Our Head of Primary

Dear Parents,

The children have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks getting ready for their assessments. Although the children are already beginning to think about next year now the assessments are completed, the teachers continue to work hard delivering essential lessons. The teachers will be planning lessons ensuring any misconceptions highlighted in the assessments are clarified. This is therefore to reiterate Mr.Smith's earlier comments that lessons will continue until the end of term and full attendance is expected.
The final class Assemblies will have been held this week. I can honestly say that Assemblies have been truly amazing this year. It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication from the children and teachers to produce a 10-15 minute presentation of their learning. Assemblies are important as we have many children who excel in acting, singing and performing in both English and Arabic.

Next week sees the start of Ramadan and I would therefore urge the children who are fasting to refrain from playing football at lunchtimes to conserve their energy for the classroom. I would like to wish everyone Ramadan Kareem.


Social Media such as Facebook, What's App Instagram and Snapchat continues to cause problems between children in school.
Although the children are not using these applications during the school day, the things that are said end up causing problems in the classroom and playground. The teachers are spending lots of time dealing with issues that have been instigated due to inappropriate posts on these sites.
Social Media when used responsibly is enjoyable and a very useful tool for family and friends around the world to stay in touch. However, children should not be using these sites unsupervised.

The legal age to open a Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account is 13;

Whats App is 16 years of age, and Youtube is 18 years old!

Please help us by monitoring your child's use of these applications and viewing their posts. By following your child's Instagram account or being a friend on Facebook as well as keeping you parental controls and restrictions updated will ensure that what your child writes, receives and views is age appropriate and culturally sensitive. The Internet is a powerful tool, which can have limitless benefits, but it must be used sensibly and safely.

Congratulations to...
Ahmed Hany 6D who competed in the National Swimming Championships held in April.
3rd place in 50 metres Butterfly in the 11-year-old age division
3rd place in 50 metres Breaststroke in the 11-year-old age division
2nd place in relay (Front Crawl) as part of the Maadi Degla Swimming Club.

Yassin El Leithy 3C for winning 3 gold medals in the Hayah Academy swimming competition for front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke

31st May Year 5 Show-Compose Yourself. Starts promptly at 8:30am
11th -13th June Year 6 Transition to Secondary (details to follow)
19th June Year 6 Graduation (details to follow)

Welcome from Our Head of Secondary

We are well and truly into exam season. Our IB2 students have completed their external examinations, much to their relief. I hope that they will all achieve their targets on results day in July. IGCSE's and A Levels are well underway and the focus of our students is apparent. Again I wish them every success for their results in August.

Ministry exams for most year have also been completed as we head into our internal examinations session the beginning of next week. Term 3 is very busy academically with the rigour and consolidation of the years' work.

However, we still make time for non-academic activity. The Houses have been alive with the spirit of Business Enterprise. Each mentor group was given 200LE with the challenge to make that money grow through innovative ideas for sales. Students could not add money to it, they had to be creative with their products and reinvest in their 'Mentor Company'. I must say I have been particularly impressed with the enthusiasm and originality of our Year 7's.

Wednesday was also a House event with literally, an international flavor. Each Mentor group has been given a country and they must bring in food which represents that country along with decorating their table with flags and information about their specific country. Yet again the students have shown real team work and enthusiasm for this.

In our assembly on Sunday we were also treated to an outside speaker. Mr Michel Helmy gave a great presentation on the trials, tribulations and confusion of growing up as a young man in Egypt. He spoke about the need to readdress values and question the stereotypical myths about what this should involve. It was most interesting and our students listened attentively. We aim to have more outside speakers coming in to our assemblies next year.

Still to come this term is our school iftar, Academic Awards and, of course, our Graduation Ceremony.


Deborah Sharifi

Bottle top tree

The bottle top tree representing an oak is now completed as part of the CAS: Creativity, Activity and Service which is part of the IBDP.
Philemon MacCamley, Nada Nassar and Abdelazeez Cyrus have cooperated together and worked as a team towards its conception and realisation.
Bottle tops have been collected since last academic year in order to arise awareness about the importance of recycling in Egypt and throughout the world.

Annual Spring Swimming Meet May 6th 2017

CES held its Annual Spring Swim Meet on Saturday 6th May. Preparations were made and, on the morning of the Saturday, the pool lay crystal clear and still. The spectator chairs were arranged; the stands organised and the podium for winners stood like a sentry on duty, ready to support the victorious in their moment of glory. The calm before the storm.

Then the Titans entered in their droves, ready for competition and the battle for gold was destined to begin. NCBIS, CAC, CISE, AIS and CES donned their school name with pride and fought with every stroke to push themselves beyond their limit.

The swimming was beautiful to watch. Our students competed in good spirits and I think this was one of the most positive aspects of the day. There was a great deal of sportsmanship shown between all competitors. It was a very collegiate affair. Of course, the day was made even better by CES winning the whole competition and securing the most gold medals.I was very proud of our swimmers. Well done CES!

Medal tally for CES Annual Spring Swim Meet 2017

GoldSilverBronzeTotal Medals

Tamam Sharifi, Swimming Co-ordinator

The 200LE Challenge

Secondary School were set a challenge last week. Each Tutor group was given 200LE by Mr Smith and their brief was to 'grow' that money into something more.
They needed to bring in receipts for what they spent their money on, appoint an accountant/treasurer to look after the money and keep the books, a writer to give a summary of events and above all, the workforce to make it happen. Once they had done their selling and organising they could then reinvest in more stock and sell again.
The entrepreneurial skills of some classes were just amazing. We had for sale on different days and different times: cakes, hot dogs, sweetcorn, popcorn, milk drinks, fresh juice, homemade pizza, cookies and brownies.
As well as general sale of food there was a bracelet sale, a guess the number of sweets in a jar, penalty shoot out, a 'four squares' competition and a football tournament organised to include our security and workers teams to complete the community feel.
We still have the money coming in at the moment (much to Mr Smith's relief!) and we haven't got a total figure but each class nominated their favoured charity and we will update with a grand total at a later date. However, it wasn't about the money, it was about seeing who could work well together as a team and organise themselves.
Well done Years 7 – 9 – you did us proud!

Mrs Smith

Water Balloon Economics

On Tuesday Ms Biscombe's Year 9 Economics class ventured outside of the classroom for a revision lesson with a difference. They all played a game of Water Balloon Price Elasticity of Demand. Working in teams' students had to calculate price elasticity of demand or the percentage change, the first team with the correct answer were then able to fire a water balloon at one of the opposing teams. The firing range was marked out with cones which represented a percentage change in price, the change in demand was represented by the distance the water balloon travelled. If the change in demand is less than the change in price then the catapult will be inelastic and the water balloon will not travel far. If the change in demand is greater than the change in price then the water balloon will go further which means the catapult will be elastic. Students showed no mercy when firing the water balloons especially when Ms Biscombe was in the firing line and Mr Dixon joined in just for fun.



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