Welcome to Cairo English School 2016-2017

It is with great pride I write to you as the Headmaster of Cairo English School. This will be my fourth year as Headmaster. If you are a parent of a CES student, I am sure you have made the right decision in sending your child into our care. I also especially welcome new families and students to the school and the new staff who have also arrived for the new academic year.

CES continues to grow school with numbers increasing annually so that we now have over 1600+ students enrolled. Early Years is full as are many classes in Primary whilst Secondary continues to grow year on year.

CES is a member of the Esol Education family of schools. Esol Education’s overarching vision is to provide outstanding education to students in international communities, instilling the knowledge, skills and character necessary for success in the 21st century. CES’s role is to build on the successes of previous years and to further embed these into the life of the school. ESOL, teaching staff and I know parents, want to see our students continue to enjoy school and excel to the best of their abilities through a love of learning and a love of our school and its community. In doing this CES is working ‘towards achieving personal excellence’.

We will continue the successful programmes already put into place continuing to focus on:

  • ‘There is more in you than you think’ is a key focus for 2016-17 academic year building upon the achievements of previous years. CES will strive to ensure there is progress made academically by every child, that the progress made prepares students to undertake external examinations and can be successful. Pastorally we will nurture our children to allow them to develop and eventually themselves be equipped with the qualities that allow them to ‘make a difference’. CES will continue to develop links with local charities so that we can make a difference to the lives of those not as well off as we are!
  • Ensuring that students are given every opportunity to be working to personal bests achieving more than thought possible. Developing goals, targets and action plans for every student where students are setting their own individual targets and are assisted, by their teachers, to achieve the very best possible result.
  • At CES every opportunity is given to achieving personal excellence.
  • CES wants our students to be the leaders of the 21st century whether in business, education, politics or medicine. CES strives to create as many leadership opportunities as possible and in doing so ensure our students have the capability actually to make a difference to the school, Egypt and the world.
  • Ensuring that the very best expectations; standards of uniform and general appearance are observed and that the students wear their uniforms with pride.
  • Reinforcing our strong stance with our Honour Code based on respect and honesty.
  • Engendering a sense of both school pride plus ensuring a positive climate of fun and learning through our House System. CES will continue to provide many fantastic opportunities for friendly yet competitive House events.
  • CES will support and challenge our staff to exhibit excellence in learning and teaching in every class.
  • Celebration of personal successes through Assemblies. CES actively recognises the successes of our students, groups and teams!
  • The leadership team will continue to being highly visible and taking an active interest in all that happens within the school.
  • CES has a robust reporting format through an online parent portal. Parental communication in this regard will evaluate where the student sits according to National Curriculum levels and, through the Performance reporting system, indicate the child’s work ethic, attitude and behaviour.
  • CES will continue to develop close links with parents through the PTSA. A strong triangulation between school, parents and student assists the development of your child!
  • Staff returning any contact made by parents/caregivers within 24 hours in an attempt to ensure that our parents/caregivers receive appropriate and timely responses.
  • Students from Years 5-12 will have Diaries that will be used as a direct form of communication with parents.
  • CES will actively use the Parent Portal to ensure all details about your child can be accessed online.
  • Online homework and communication is used through systems such as Showbie

CES is proud to be a ‘fully accredited International School’ as awarded by the Council of International Schools. CIS accredited the school for five years 2013-2018. The school was commended on its unique curriculum, the active development of the students that were seen to be articulate, confident and ambitious. The Middle Schools Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA) also accredited the school for 10 years from 2013 and were highly complementary about the progress made and robust systems in place to ensure continued development. The school has also passed the BSME accreditation and is British School Overseas (BSO) that is also recognised by the UK Department for Education. CES is also proud to be an IB World School with a positive outcome to its 5-year review in 2016.

What can you do as a parent/guardian of a CES student to ensure your child’s education is a success?

Please take an active interest in your child’s education and schooling. Please get to know our teachers, communicate regularly and create a great working relationship! Do not wait until there are issues or problems, instead be proactive and discuss daily with your child what he/she is learning at school. What they like about school and what they may even not like!

Please try to attend events, activities, meetings to support your child. Taking an active interest increases the strength of the triangle already mentioned! Please look at our regular Performance reports and the detailed termly reports. Discuss these with your child, if you have concerns please contact the school.

Regularly check student diaries, classwork and monitor homework.

Cairo English School is a fast paced, growing school that is recognised locally and internationally for its achievements.

I look forward to meeting you this year and also any prospective parents wanting their child to join this thriving school!

Yours sincerely,

Martyn Smith,


Cairo English School

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Housed in an impressive campus in New Cairo, CES has established itself as one of Cairo’s leading schools, providing British based international education that delivers a tailored curriculum. An Esol Education school, CES is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon.

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