Sport is seen as an important subject in the curriculum as well as an essential element of the school’s After School Activities Programme. Life in the modern world has tended to move away from physical activity. Occupations have become increasingly sedentary. There has been an ever increasing tendency towards using mechanical transportation to move from A to B and to use labour saving devices. Another worrying trend has been towards the consumption of fast-foods that tend to be high in fat, carbohydrate and sugar.

All of these factors contribute to the worrying increase in obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The role of sport in combating these trends is obvious. It is proven, also, that individuals who are fit, active and healthy operate more effectively and efficiently. At CES, there is a dual emphasis on sport for all and in the encouragement of the gifted and talented in attaining team and individual sporting excellence.Thus the participation in sport and physical exercise is nurtured in school with the aim of inculcating a habit that will last a lifetime.

In addition to these physical benefits, sport contributes to the development of team spirit, leadership qualities, tolerance, understanding of other people’s views, strengths and weaknesses, as well as developing motor skills.

At CES, there is a dual emphasis on sport for all and in the encouragement of the gifted and talented in attaining team and individual sporting excellence. These aims are enabled by having a dedicated team of outstanding professional teachers, superb facilities and rich curricular and extra-curricular provision.

Excellence in Sport

This year our selected coaches will be training students from Year 3 to Year 12 in the different categories of sports twice a week; with split seasons for sports throughout the calendar year. We will be focusing on seven sports, namely, Football, Rugby, Netball, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball and Track and Field (Athletics). Our aim is to develop one of the strongest schools sports programs in Egypt over the next 5 years. Our objective is to coach and nurture identified talented athletes that will go on to not only represent the school teams but to further develop to represent at the highest level for our national representative teams which I am in the process of developing for the future of sports in Egypt.

Eligibility - Identification Process

The process for “The Excellence in Sports Program” is different than the ASA clubs or any other club. There are two phases:

  1. The first phase is that pupils have to be selected by identification and then are invited to the training at least twice a week. The process of talent identification is by ongoing continuous assessment in our PE lessons firstly and monitoring of pupils ability throughout the school day in all sports activities that they participate in.
  2. The second phase is then by open invitation trials which will normally happen several weeks after the regular squad has been formed from our identification process.

This year due to being elected as the chairman of The International School Sports of Cairo league organization I have introduced three seasons for our sports to maximize our schools performance. For example, athletics is due to start in the second season which is January to March for primary pupils and March to June for secondary pupils however monitoring and assessment has been happening since day 1 of the school year.

Pupils who are invited to train for the squads will be given a letter home to be signed by parents to consent to training on selected evening after school. Please refer to “The Excellence in Sports Programme” 2015-2016 Handbook for policies, procedures and expectations.

2015-2016 The Excellence in Sports Programme Handbook

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