Welcome Message from the School Director

Welcome to Cairo English School!

At CES we teach children the skills and give them the tools to become bilingual, curious, collaborative, caring, autonomous and agile learners while achieving their personal best in a fast moving world.

We are highly committed to our mission of guiding and inspiring students to be successful and happy in their adult lives. Our guiding statements are at the core of everything we do to ensure that every child can be successful. The CES Attributes ensure that we are reminded of the personal qualities we need to have to be a successful member of our school community.

Working together to have a global impact in the field of education, we have a passion for education, innovation and technology. We view technology as a global language and believe that understanding it allows our students to interact and impact the global society. Have a look at the Global destinations that our students travel to and see how successful they are !

Proud of the British curriculum we deliver and we ensure that this is applied across the whole school and represents a progressive learning model which is both challenging and ensures our children are truly global citizens.

All of our children truly benefit from the outstanding facilities and excellent quality of education delivered by an outstanding team of teachers. Many of our students go onto attend some of the leading universities in the world supported by a dedicated team of specialists.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CES Family!


Beth Meldrum