Courses and Entry Requirements

At CES, the following subjects are currently offered for the IB Diploma Program. Students choose one subject from each group. If preferred, the student may choose a second Group 3 or Group 4 subject instead of Art.



1. Language and Literature English Language & Literature (HL or SL)
2. Language Acquisition French Ab initio (SL
French B (HL or SL)
3. Individuals & Society Geography (HL or SL)
History (HL or SL)
Psychology (HL or SL)
Business & Management (HL or SL)
4. Sciences Physics (HL or SL)
Chemistry (HL or SL)
Biology (HL or SL)
Computer Science (SL only)
5. Mathematics Mathematical Studies (SL)
Mathematics (SL)
Mathematics (HL)
6. The Arts Visual Art

The subjects are offered based on:

  • Students’ stated preferences by March of the preceding academic year
  • Number of students who have chosen the class

Therefore, not all subjects or subject combinations are available each year. Each subject that is taken in IBDP Year 1 will continue until the end of Year 2.

IB Core

In addition to the 6 subjects, IBDP students will also complete the following 3 Core components

IB Core Area


Theory of Knowledge (TOK) A TOK Presentation
A TOK Essay (1,600 words)
Extended Essay (EE)

A research essay on an appropriate topics associated with one of the chosen courses (4,000 words)

Creativity, Activity & Service (CAS)

Goals and Reflections documented regularly on the online Managebac system

Entry Requirements

For entry to the IB Diploma Programme, a minimum IGCSE requirement of 5B’s and 2 C’s (B’s in subjects chosen for HL) is needed.

The students’ choice of subjects, level of study and combination of courses will be made in consultation with the IB Coordinator, Deputy Head (Curriculum) and the Head of Secondary.