The English curriculum values the education of children, not just in the classroom but outside it as well. Academic research has shown that the extra activities which children choose to attend can have an enormous impact on their general enjoyment of learning. Such activities can encourage lifelong learning interests, bring communities together and address fitness, health and nutrition issues. Activities at CES are structured, challenging, rewarding and whenever possible, tailored to individual needs, skills and development.

Aims of the After School Activity Programme

The aims of the CES After School Activity Programme are as follows :

  • To develop a student’s personality and character.
  • To help students make friends across year groups.
  • To allow students to have fun at school.
  • To allow students to do what they enjoy and learn how to do this well.
  • To enhance the relationship between the students, the school and the community.
  • To help students discover their talents.
  • To develop team work skills.

The programme depends on the talents and skills of our teaching staff and consequently, the majority of the activities represent a private interest of the teachers. The teachers are passionate about the activities they offer and are very keen to introduce new people to their hobbies.

Because the teachers are eager to get their students involved the activities programme is well planned and enthusiastically delivered, making it very hard for students not to enjoy what we offer.

The selections for CES sport teams to play other schools are based around those who attend ASA's, so those students who dedicated themselves to an activity are rewarded with tournaments and fixtures throughout the school year.