Primary ESL Programmes

The ESL programmes provided at the Primary level are as follows :

Parallel Literacy 1
Providing access to mainstream literacy through parallel literacy classes, with a direct focus on improving skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Parallel Literacy 2
Providing additional literacy lessons using customized, project based approaches to learning.
ESL Support
Supporting mainstream literacy classes with a focus on developing essential reading, writing and comprehension skills and vocabulary.
English   Following Ms. Scott's Program of ESL for Beginners, with a focus on vocabulary building, speaking and listening.
In Class ESL Support   Direct literacy support within the classroom, with the assistance of a Teaching Assistant, on subjects being taught by the teacher.



Secondary ESL Services

CES offers limited but individually tailored additional support in English for Secondary students whose English is below the level of their peers. The amount of support the school is able to give is different at KS3 and KS4 due to timetabling constraints on students.

At KS3, the first line of support is receiving 3 lessons per week of ESL instead of French. In cases where need is more acute, students are removed from History (2 lessons per week) and/or Geography (2 lessons per week), giving them up to 4 lesson per week of further support.

At KS4, students’ tightly packed timetables limit the amount of ESL support they can receive. The first line of language assistance is during the weekly PSHE lesson. In urgent cases, a student may be required to take further ESL support lessons per week instead of one of their two IGCSE elective courses.