Pastoral Support

What is Pastoral Support?

The Pastoral Support Coordinators provide a total and holistic welfare and growth of the students, individually and as a group. Not only are they committed to academic excellence, but also to social, moral, and emotional excellence. They aim to foster CES’s core values of being moral and ethical, engaged learners, and global citizens, in addition to community responsibility, mutual respect, self-efficacy, reflection, resilience, and compassion.

Our Mission:

As a Pastoral Support Team, we are fully invested in our students’ mental health. We provide social and emotional support for all current CES students who may benefit from it, as well as focus on their non-academic development. This is for the betterment of the students in becoming well-rounded individuals who are to make the most out of their experience at CES.

Our Vision:

We want to see our students aware of their own and others’ mental health. Our goal is to help CES become a launching board for our students to make a difference in their homes and communities.