Key Stage 2

Curriculum Overview

Cairo English School follows the English National Curriculum with the addition of Arabic and Islamic studies, Christian Studies and Egyptian Social Studies.

Where possible, the curriculum is delivered through a cross-curricular approach which we believe facilitates more holistic and meaningful learning. The exception to this approach is in teaching the basic skills of English, Maths and Computing, but these areas are included in the topic where relevant connections are made and skills can be drawn upon.

Skills learned in English and Computing are transferred and practised throughout all other areas of the curriculum. A guide to the work your child will be covering is sent home every month so that you can discuss the topics they will cover at school with your child.

The CES curriculum encompasses the core areas of English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Computing, Physical Education, Art and Music. We also offer students Arabic as a Second Language, and French.


At Cairo English School, literacy lessons are based on the English National Curriculum 2014 which we have developed to meet the needs of all our students whether they are first or second English language speakers. The children have the opportunity to practice a variety of writing genres, learning about the language and structural features as well as purpose of these texts.

The lessons take place daily in all year groups. All the time spent in the daily literacy lesson is dedicated to the pupils reading, writing, speaking and listening. This includes phonics and spellings, grammar, punctuation and handwriting.

A very important part of English teaching at CES is reading. Whole class, guided and shared reading practices are used to develop your child’s fluency and comprehension strategies. The children are set individual reading tasks at their level of development, using selected texts or the Reading Eggs program. Children also read additional texts during the literacy lesson. Speaking and listening is integrated into every aspect of school life. Our children are always encouraged to speak in English. They have opportunities to perform in class assemblies to a wide audience, which also encourages listening skills.

Our libraries house a wide selection of levelled books to assist teachers in instructing students to their ability levels and to personalise literary teaching and learning experiences to best meet varied students’ needs. In addition, library lessons are timetabled to support our students in their reading.


At Cairo English School we ensure that children are taught the basic fluency mathematical skills required, as well as strongly emphasising the importance of being able to apply these to problem solving and reasoning. We follow the New National Curriculum 2014 and use White Rose Maths Hub small steps planning to ensure high quality teaching and learning in this area. Our main aim is to raise standards and personalise learning so that all our children can achieve their full potential. From Y5, students are taught how to use a calculator for more complex questions. We strongly emphasise a need for every student to memorise the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. This will allow mental calculations to be answered quickly and also supports the understanding of other areas of Mathematics through Primary and into Secondary.


Science is also a core subject in the English National Curriculum. The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of the subject are divided into four main areas of learning, these being: working scientifically, biology, chemistry and physics. Through careful planning and assessment, we ensure that the scientific skills and knowledge of our students will be developed and consolidated. Our students are part of a stimulating environment where practical activities are meaningful and challenging. We use investigations to give children a greater understanding of the concepts of science and to develop their investigative skills. Key Stage 2 teachers focus on introducing students to and extending their use of scientific vocabulary to enable them to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data. In Year 6 we run an accelerated science program which includes content from the KS3 curriculum, therefore Years 3 – 5 also accelerate learning through the inclusion of the Year 6 concepts through relevant links with their traditional curricula.


At Cairo English School we aim to give pupils the opportunity to explore the world around them from the past to the present and towards the future. Through the year they will develop various geography and history skills during their Topic lessons. We strive to make learning more relevant to our pupils by also looking at local history, geography and culture. We want our pupils to develop a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people; and a sense of awareness of the processes that bring about changes in places, space and the environment. What they learn can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values. We endeavour to help the children develop a number of skills through the understanding of the importance of humanities in daily life.


Cairo English School recognises the importance of technology in the modern day world. To assist the progression of our students in this environment, the Key Stage 2 computer studio is equipped with computers to ensure that children can work both collectively and individually on tasks. All classes are timetabled to use the computer studio for one period each week. The students will develop an understanding of the many ways in which we can use technology and learn key skills which are built on as they progress through the school. We also have a selection of the latest software packages to provide stimulating activities for our students whilst they practice newly learnt skills.

Cairo English School offers the latest classroom technology with interactive whiteboards, installed with SMART technology. This equipment enables students to participate actively in all subject areas and is particularly helpful to students learning English as a second language. In Year 5 and 6, children bring their own personal tablet devices to school to use in their learning. These classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs to make this an interactive experience. We strongly believe that developments in app technology truly support the learning within the classroom and as such have invested in subscriptions and training with Nearpod and Explain Everything, amongst others. In addition, students also have access to a classroom computer. We also have a 2 iPad carts and a laptop trolley equipped with Macbooks for students to use in the classroom. The computer studio is available around class bookings to assist students in developing their use of computing in other curriculum areas and the hardware is also used as a very important part of research in their topic work.

Specialist Programmes

Swimming Galas, International Week, Art week, Book Week, plays and concerts, to name a few, highlight the unique specialist programme we have in place. Music, Drama and PE are taught by specialised teachers, in resources rich environments, which includes an Art room, a 500 seat auditorium, outdoor pool, a fully equipped Gym and Music room.

Students are also taught Arabic and Arabic as a Second Language in addition to French. Furthermore, a learning support programme serves students who would benefit from additional instructional support, to support them in coping with the demands of the academic programme.

Support Services


The greater majority of our staff has been EAL trained and we have a specialist EAL Coordinator who leads a team of teachers in providing effective learning for our students. There are two potential methods of support available to students at CES. The first is withdrawal which entails students being taken out of curriculum lessons in small groups to receive their support. The second is in class support. This entails an EAL specialist going into regular class based lessons to support individual, pairs or small groups of students.

Learning Support

In line with our Vision Statement, we support our students in any area of need helping them to reach personal excellence. The Primary School has qualified SEN teachers as well as assistants to support the teachers and students in these departments. Students are supported in the classroom, and are also withdrawn on a one-to-one basis or groups of three. Focus could be on reading comprehension and word construction, or basic spelling patterns are reinforced to ensure pupils are able to move from spelling to sentence construction more easily. Methods of improving pupils’ ability to form sentences and then start developing sentences into whole texts are introduced in literacy support so pupils have a clear way in to improving their literacy skills. Some pupils will also be given support for their particular learning needs whether it be Numeracy or Literacy, helping them to focus, concentrate, organise, question, persevere and accept a raised level of challenge in the Primary School.


At Cairo English School there is a qualified counsellor available to assist the children with any additional issues they may have. The role of counsellor is to work alongside the children to help them reach their potential. Whether it be behavioural discrepancies, issues with peers or self-motivation, the counsellor provides a safe and positive environment that is available for the pupils and parents. The counsellor will work to support the child in a positive and respectful manner that will prove to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

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Housed in an impressive campus in New Cairo, CES has established itself as one of Cairo’s leading schools, providing British based international education that delivers a tailored curriculum. An Esol Education school, CES is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon.

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