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Wheeled bags at CES - Friend or Foe?

The Cairo English School has decided to ban wheeled bags for the following reasons :

  • Wheeled bags are cumbersome and hazardous. When the children line up to enter and leave school each day there are often accidents caused by tripping over these types of bags.
  • Young children have difficulty controlling the bag’s movement and twist their arms and hands frequently trying to maintain control.
  • Wheeled bags are stored under the children’s bag racks outside the classrooms where they stick out and are again a tripping hazard.
  • Trying to manoeuver a wheeled bag up and down the stairs is very difficult and causes children to lose balance and control.
  • The corridors are very crowded with children in the mornings and afternoons on their way to class and wheeled bags really do get in the way of a smooth flow of traffic.

The CES primary team agreed that carrying heavy bags for long periods of time is detrimental to a child’s back and could leave them with problems later in life. Wheeled bags could provide an answer to this problem by taking the heavy load off the child’s shoulders and onto wheels. However, we also agreed that children only take the bag to the class where it is left throughout the day. At the end of the day they return with the bag. This amounts to two short journeys. We also felt that the children’s bags at CES should not be heavy. A backpack with support straps can be comfortable to wear and helps to distribute the weight. Please also note that Juniors will have more books than Infants or Foundation Stage children. Therefore they leave the heavy books in their bag racks during the school day and do not carry them around with them.

As a team therefore, we decided that the safety risks of carrying a normal rucksack bag to and from the bus daily, with a light load, outweighed the safety risks posed by wheely bags and therefore our decision will remain the same.

I am sure you appreciate the two sides. If you have any further concerns about this matter please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Primary school.

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