The Secondary School at Cairo English School follows an English model of education.

Key Stage Three includes only Years 7 and 8. During this Key Stage, students are helped to manage the change from Primary School to Secondary School. They are also introduced to subjects at a deeper and more technical level. All subjects offered at Key Stage Three are available to choose for IGCSE. This gives them a good understanding of each subject and what they are suited to before deciding what IGCSEs to take. It also ensures that they have the skills to pick up new subjects such as Business Studies, for IGCSE. During this Key Stage, students are encouraged to continue developing their skills as an independent learner and critical thinker. becoming more aware of the important skills needed for later education, career and life.

Key Stage Four covers Years 9 and 10. It is important to note that at CES students sit their IGCSE exams at the end of Year 10. IGCSEs are equivalent to the GCSE's taken in England which emphasize developing skills for life. This builds on what was learned at Key Stage Three. Students sit a minimum of 8 IGCSE's at the end of Year 10, although we do have some students sitting more.

Key Stage Five covers Years 11 and 12. During this Key Stage, students join a two year programme. The A Level (which combines AS and A2) is a pre-university course which is highly regarded around the world and will enable a student to gain access to any major university around the world. This programme is also recognised by Egyptian universities. During this Key Stage, students are expected to show the skills of being an independent learner, critical thinker, problem solver and time manager. Students will leave CES more than ready to succeed at university and in life in general.

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Housed in an impressive campus in New Cairo, CES has established itself as one of Cairo’s leading schools, providing British based international education that delivers a tailored curriculum. An Esol Education school, CES is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon.

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