After School Activities

Academic research has shown that the extra activities which children choose to attend can have an enormous impact on their general enjoyment of learning.

Activities at the Cairo English School are skill based. Teaching students through multi-disciplinary bases in Creative / Performing Arts, Problem Solving, Literacy and IT.

The programme itself very much depends on the talents and skills of our teaching staff as well as other specialists available to the school.

The majority of these activities coincide with a private interest of the teachers and instructors involved who are always keen to share their interests and enthusiasm or introduce new ones.


  • ASA’s are not compulsory, meaning your child is not required to attend.
  • Each student is allowed only one ASA / week.
  • However, we encourage all students to participate, but realise there may be other commitments.
  • Students not attending an ASA are required to leave immediately after the school teaching day finishes.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they attend the ASA he/she signed up for. Alternately, they should inform school in advance with an authorized note.
  • ASA students on buses will return home on a school bus that will leave school after 4:15pm. The late bus will continue to use drop off points.
  • Students collected by car require pick up from school no later than 4:20 pm. We thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

  • It is important to realize that each activity can only hold a certain number of pupils. Once this activity has reached its maximum capacity there will be no more entries. We operate ASA’s selection on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • The Reception staff / teachers will not be taking any parent requests to register children for ASA’s. Parents must sign up their children themselves during the permitted registration time.
  • Sports Clubs are running from 3:20 until 4:55pm. Accordingly, choose your ASAs on different days to avoid double booking.
  • Any ASA is subject to cancellation if 5 students or less sign up. These students will be individually approached and invited to other ASAs

ASAs Sign Up Tutorial Video

Please watch the tutorial for elaboration of sign up procedure
Primary ASA Sign-up Training Video

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