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Posted 15-11-2017 08:56AM

Dear Parents,

At CES we pride ourselves on our high expectations of childrens' behaviour as well as academic achievement. As with the curriculum, there is a school wide consistent approach to behaviour. This can also be found on page 9 of the Parent handbook. You can clearly see the warnings and sanctions at each stage. Should you have any questions about your child's behaviour or the schools policy, please see your child's class teacher.

The past few weeks have been extremely busy both inside and outside the classroom. Here are just a few of the main events.

Maths Workshop

Thank you to all those who attended the maths workshops, we hope that you fond it useful. You should have all received the parents guide to Maths at CES. Please contact your child's class teacher if you did not.

Look out for our next workshops in the coming months.

Year 3 and 4 Swimming Gala

This year the swimming galas are being held as a finale to the swimming lessons. The Year 3 and 4 children really enjoyed the competitive races and games of their swimming gala on October 12th.
Thank you to all of the staff involved in making this a safe and successful gala.

Orange and Black Day / Bake Sale

Thank you to all the parents that provided so many wonderful costumes for the orange black day. All had a great day.

CES Living out Values

Continuing with the initiative we started last year "Value of the Month" by the Educational Values Mentors Team, this year we took it to a deeper level. Through our PSHE classes we have a monthly lesson dedicated to the Value of the month.
We play, discuss and reflect on the values we are talking about, we aim to bring those values alive in our daily life.
This term we are learning about Respect, Diligence, Teamwork and Positivity, and we are looking forward for more values to be learned this year.

Why do we learn values in CES?
Values are important as they help us grow and develop. They help us in creating the future we want to experience, as we believe that our students are the Future.
Each individual is involved in taking hundreds of decisions and making hundreds of choices every day. The decisions and choices we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, That's why we are so keen to teach our students how to live out those values which will give them an opportunity to make better choices, that will affect their lives and others around them directly and indirectly. Our goal is creating high potential future leaders.

News from classes

A Walk around CES Gardens

Have you ever wondered where all the wonderful plants in the school gardens come from? Well, 3G did not only wonder; they visited the place where all the magic happens.
After becoming experts on plants, we paid a visit to the backyard of the school – the place where CES flowers are planted. We were greeted by one of our very experienced school gardeners who took us on a tour to explain where and how most of the plants we see every day grow. Naturally, we were full of questions and the good gardener had all the answers. We asked about names of the different plants; why some looked healthier than others; which plants preferred summer or winter.
Back at the classroom, we recorded and discussed our findings and related the actual experience to what we studied in class. (Ms Heba)

3D Assembly
The maiden assembly of Year 3 and the school was eagerly presented by the wonderful students of class 3D. Broken up into two acts; Problem Solving and Helping Others, the students strived to portray each piece as a learning curve for their fellow students. They acted confidently and with great humour, making it an extremely successful and humorous morning. (Mr Williams)

6F Assembly
Our assembly was the best because it was about Martin Luther King, and about his day. But I was freaking out backstage and I had stage-fright for the first time, but after my part I felt confident.
What I liked more was the boys rap because it was talking about values. Our parents, students and teachers enjoyed learning facts about him.
We also did it in two days. (Miriam 6F)

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