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Posted 28-02-2018 01:28PM

Dear parents,

I was very proud to see our BSME team leaving for Dubai a few days ago. Sports at CES have been rising in prominence, and this is one of the most notable achievements so far. It has been a long time since CES has sent a team to an international competition, and I hope it is something we will be able to do more often. The experience of international travel as part of a team representing your school at an international event is really special. There are so many positives; the opportunity to be independent of parents for a short time, to make new friends, to experience a different school and culture and so on. What a great experience for our youngsters. And continuing in that theme I was pleased to hear that our students and staff who recently visited Spain, and also the group who went skiing, have returned (largely) safe and well. These trips, although very different both show the commitment we have at CES to offer our children not just an outstanding academic curriculum, but also a great all-round educational experience. Our commitment to a strong co-curricular programme is clear, and something we will continue to develop.

The external exams (IGCSE's, A Levels and IB Diploma) are all looming large on the horizon. For our students these exams represent a critical moment in their education so far, and for our older students, arguably, a defining one in many ways. Obviously we at school are working very hard to make sure the students are in the strongest possible position to achieve the best results they are capable of. If you are in any doubt about any aspect of the forthcoming exams then please talk to the relevant staff member, as we do not want to leave anything to chance, and of course support your child at home by making it easy for them to study, with a quiet room and minimal interruptions. There will be plenty of time for socialising later, this is the time to buckle down and just get on with it! I wish them the success they deserve, I am sure they will make us proud.

Steve Lewis

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