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Posted 28-03-2018 03:42PM

Dear Parents,

as I write to you the school is unusually quiet for a Sunday morning. The quad is almost empty (despite this being break time) and there were very few students at anthem this morning. The reason for this poor display of attendance is a good one though, because this is the start of Week Without Walls in Key Stage 2. As a result of this, the majority of our children are out of school enjoying a unique educational experience elsewhere. Some are visiting local points of interest, some are overseas, but all are benefiting from broadening their horizons and experiencing something new. This is the first time we have attempted an undertaking on this scale. As you can imagine it requires a great deal of planning and organisation. I am very pleased and proud of the teachers in Key Stage 2 who have taken so much time and trouble to organise this special series of events. In particular I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Rowland for her vision in promoting this event and her commitment to making it a reality. She has done a remarkable job, and she is only too aware that the memories that are made during this week will stay with our children for a very long time. On behalf of all of the students and parents in KS2, thank-you Ms Rowland!

Time has flown, and it seems that the end of the year is now clearly in focus. For our older students this means one thing – exams. For some they are simply internal assessments, for others they are potentially life-changing events. Regardless of which category your children fall into, please give them every chance to achieve a their very highest level, and remember that good habits learned early in life will serve you well throughout. Make sure that the students have a quiet place to study without interruption, possible without their phone! They should keep good hours and eat sensibly. Try to minimise the normal day to day distractions, perhaps some small changes in routines are necessary in order to be able to commit to a rigorous programme of revision. Obviously it is essential that the appropriate revision materials are available to use, and this doesn't always mean the internet – sometimes a text book or revision guide is the best choice. And of course, wherever possible, sample questions and past papers are a great way to revise and practise. They are widely available on line and teachers will also be able to help, especially for students taking external exams. If you have any questions about the forthcoming exams please don't hesitate to talk to your teacher(s), we are here to help.

With Spring Break now ahead of us, I wish you all a pleasant holiday and look forward to working with you in the final term of this school year.

Steve Lewis

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