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Posted 28-03-2018 03:52PM

It feels very much like we are on an adrenaline rush in the Secondary School, with the exam groups studying hard and everyone taking part in the huge amount of activities happening. It's been a tremendously successful month for students, with a number of events listed below. But as always, we look to the future and, with some regret, at the fact our Senior students will only be in school with us for 1.5 more weeks before their Study Leave begins. The year for them has gone by very fast and we wish them a huge amount of success in the exams. This is what we have been busy doing this month:

Academic Games @AIS:

Ms March took students in Year 7 attended the Academic games at AIS. This was their first time out to such an event. Their opponents were from Year 6-9 and had been coming to this event for three years and have weekly meetings to practice, so the students did extraordinarily well. Congratulations to the students on placing 2nd in the Math Olympiad and to Ruth Lewis who received third place from a group of 12 students competing in this event.

Stephen Ritz's Visit to CES

Stephen Ritz is the founder of the Green Bronx Machine, a program to introduce healthy eating and sustainable living through gardens in the United States. He was finalist for the Global Teacher Prize, has been on numerous television shows and worked with hundreds of celebrities, including Pope Francis, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. A student who was inspired by Stephen Ritz wrote this article:

Hi, my name is Ruth Lewis and I am in 7B. On Tuesday the 13th of March, we were privileged to have Stephen Ritz come visit our school to talk about healthy eating and the environment. He helped us understand that the world is changing and because more factories and oil tanks are spilling in oceans, we must do something. Personally, I felt extremely inspired by his visit as it taught me that healthy eating is crucial. It is a part of life and the more fast food and sodas and sweets we eat and drink, the more likely bad things happen to our health!

He talked about how he works in New York city, the Southern Bronx, and how he teaches young children (even some that are homeless) to have a better life. Every day, he goes to a different place in the Bronx to grow delicious vegetables and fruits on walls, on roads and even on rooftops! One of the many things he shared with us is he had been on the Today Show, on Disney Channel and on the news SEVERAL TIMES. He definitely taught me 'the power of a plant' is so much more than just something we eat. It's your choice to decide whether or not to help change the world vegetable by vegetable and fruit by fruit. I deeply was inspired by his presentation and I hope you were too!

Secondary Play:

A selection of Secondary students performed Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'. There were many surprise students at the auditions this year who proved to be worth the risk! Many of the cast were stage pros, who year after year give sterling performance s- it's great to be able to add more names to that list! Even with such a complicated plot the cast did brilliantly; the audience had a really good laugh! As always it was a stressful but rewarding experience for all of us, but it is great to be able to work with such a talented cast and crew! See you in September for the next one!

Viola- Zeina Omar
Captain- Jomana Mansour
Sebastian- Jana Abdel Aziz
Antonio-Mona Hassan
Duke Orsino- Daniel Kamel
Valentine- Ruth Lewis
Curio- Logain Moharam
Fabian- Deena Omar
Olivia- Shahd Ashraf
Maria- Hassan Abdel Aziz
Sir Andrew- Mohammed Ali
Sir Toby Belch- Maya Hisham
Malvolio- Mohamed Fakhreldin
First Officer- Farah Rashwan
Second Officer- Malak Hassan
Priest- Nursah Akinci
Fool – Salma Kadry

Ziad Zaitoun- Sound technician
Maureen Salama- Assistant Director
Rodiat Akinwale- Assistant backstage manager
Omar Ali- Assistant backstage manager

Swimming Gala:

On 15th February, the Secondary School held its annual Swimming Gala, open to all students to participate in various events. Again, this was a House Competition, and the Year 7 and 8 students served as a cheering crowd to support their fellow students to win points for their House. Congratulations to the winners!

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