Welcome from Our Headmaster
Posted 26-09-2018 02:45PM

Dear parents,

This September marks the 29th start of school year that I have seen as a teacher. As you can imagine, over the years much has changed as I have found myself in different schools, different countries and different continents, but something that has always been constant is the sense of optimism. It seems that we all feel a new start and are filled with great hope for the coming year. Nowhere was that more apparent than at CES this year. We returned to see many changes to our facility, and ongoing work towards further improvements. Amongst these was the refurbishment of an existing classroom to become a new science laboratory. Our increasing numbers in Secondary meant that this had become a necessity. Anyone who has visited or even driven past the school will have noticed the spectacular construction of the shaded area on the blue court. This provides much needed relief from the lunch hour sun when our youngsters are playing basketball, regardless of temperature. We have relocated our music department to new, purpose-built classrooms beneath the cafeteria. Finally amongst the major changes, we have converted an empty roof space into a lovely terrace with pergola and small cafeteria. This will become a wonderful quiet space for our Secondary students. There are additionally some new seating areas, and of course the campus has been painted. All things considered, our already excellent facility has been improved even more. I am sure that when you visit you will agree with me. We are grateful to Esol Education for their continued and ongoing support of our work to make CES the best school in the region, and to provide truly first-class facilities for our pupils.

I am very pleased to report that not only are we fully staffed as you would expect, but that our new teachers have very quickly made a strongly positive impression on both parents and students. By the way, thank-you to the many parents who have contacted me to say how pleased they are about this, and as a parent and as the Headmaster may I say that I am delighted too.

All in all we couldn't have made a better start to the new year and we are determined to strive for continual improvement throughout the year. I am sure we can depend on your support in doing this, and on behalf of all members of staff I thank you for your commitment to CES and to our children.

Steve Lewis


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Housed in an impressive campus in New Cairo, CES has established itself as one of Cairo’s leading schools, providing British based international education that delivers a tailored curriculum. An Esol Education school, CES is part of a network of exceptional international schools around the world in locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Nicosia and Lebanon.

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