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Posted 31-10-2018 12:21PM

Learning Mornings:

Learning Mornings took place before half term, in early October. These events are a good opportunity for parents to experience the learning that takes place in their child's class.

In FS1, it allows them to see how their child has adapted to their new school surroundings, how they are learning to participate in daily routines and to take responsibility for their own belongings. This settling in phase is particularly important for our FS1 children as it sets the tone for future school success!

In FS2, it's also about change not only new, though familiar, teachers and classmates but deeper learning opportunities. Therefore, re-establishing friendships and building on their prior learning is a key focus for our FS2 children.

In Year 1, it is a new beginning, new environment (different end of the ground floor) and teachers they have seldom seen. This is a big change for our children. Different uniform, bigger classes and higher expectations. The transition to Year 2 is much smoother, as our children are much more confident learners and have developed a familiarity of the school and their place in it.

Walking around department now, you would think the children had been at school for months, but this is only their second month, yet they are settled, adjusted and a lot of learning is taking place!

Student Voice:

On Sunday 21st October teachers from FS1 and FS2 nominated children from their classes who they felt would be able to interact in a discussion with their peers without shyness, by using competent English skills. These children formed our very first FS Student Committee. They were challenged to express their views and opinions on day to day life at CES, which would feed into our development plan for the department.

It only took a little while for the children to warm up to the questions they were being asked and very soon they were able to be much more expressive, whilst at the same time considerate of others opinions.

We wanted to know their opinions on different aspects of school life, such as 'do you enjoy school, why'; 'do you feel safe at school, why'. They were very capable of verbalizing their points of view.

It was a very rewarding meeting and the children were a pleasure to listen to. They really got into their role of being a representative of their school! You will find a display near the FS exit for the buses and car children of the children and some of their input.

Miss Makala Cooper, Assistant Head for Foundation Stage wrote an article for the ESOL group of schools' magazine, 'Strides' based on this committee. Her article is below:

"The rights of a child to be heard, is a fundamental right. In Early Years at Cairo English School, we value every child's voice. In October, children were chosen to form a committee to share their opinions based on preset questions. The meeting was lively and very informative. As professionals we will use this feedback to contribute to future school improvement or to create action plans. The importance of recognising the child's right to participate in the school's future plans is indispensable. This could lead to subtle changes in our day to day practice. One child's voice can impact on many children's wellbeing and it positively embeds a culture of critical thinkers. Children are encouraged to write and draw throughout this process. A child's picture can sometimes voice a thousand words. "

Black and Orange Day and Charity:

Black and Orange Day will have a focus in our next newsletter but the classes are eagerly collecting contributions for dress-down of LE30 (optional), to contribute towards our very admirable PTSA chosen charity of building a community school in Halayeb. Which is located on the southern border of Egypt. We are going to be looking for the class in each year group (FS1, FS2, Y1 and Y2) who raise the most money. They will gain a mention in our newsletters and assemblies, as well as receiving a certificate from the PTSA. We want to get our children excited about raising funds for such a worthy cause especially as it is here in Egypt. Some teachers are even getting excited about the charity and are getting on board with various ideas of how to raise extra money. This is the CES community, coming together when it counts most!

Upcoming events for this second half term in FS and KS1:

 Year 2 Swim Gala – Tuesday 6th November

 CES School Picnic – Friday 16th November

 Phonic Workshop for Parents – date to be confirmed

 FS1 Winter Show – Wednesday 5th December

 FS2 Winter Show – Thursday 6th December

 Year 1 Winter Show – Wednesday 12th December

 Year 2 Winter Show – Thursday 13th December

 End of Term and reports sent home – 20th December

There will be a selection of Field Trips taking place this term and individual Year Group letters will be sent home nearer the time.

Best wishes from the CES FS & KS1 Team!

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