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Posted 31-10-2018 01:26PM


1st November – Progress Reports issued Years 7-9 and IB1

14-15th November – Production – The Greatest Showman

20th November – Holiday

29th November – Secondary Parents' Information Morning

Secondary School News

This term is proving to be very busy with many events and activities going on. The basketball and football teams have had some amazing success as well! Here is a short summary of what has been happening in the Secondary School.

House Competitions

In lieu of Halloween, Black and Orange Day, and the Dead Man's Party, there was a House Competition for the ticket design, poster competition or a scary creature. Winners will be announced in the assembly on Thursday.

Also we have our first sporting House Competition coming up which will be Dodgeball! Students will play in their year groups and Houses on Thursday 29th November to gain some valuable points towards the House Cup.

Musical Production

Our talented singers in Secondary have been working hard to practice the music for their production of 'The Greatest Showman' which will be performed on 13-15th November. For six weeks now, students have been rehearsing for 5 hours or more per week to get their solos and chorus performances to an amazing standard. Mr Porter, Ms Chow, Zeina Omar and Mona Hassan have been leading the student rehearsals which include performers of all ages.

Art/DT Department News

Some amazing pieces are being created by our talented Year Key Stage 3 students this past month. In Year 7 DT, students have been completing a Batik piece which is an extensive, long-term project that will result in a beautiful case that students can use. In Year 8 Art, students have been doing still-life drawings from both 3D objects and sections of images.

University Guidance Counsellor Update – Ms Christine El Senedy

This term began on a strong footing with our IB presentations. These presentations emphasised to our Year 11 and 12 students how the IB is a strong system and how they must work hard from the beginning of the course. I discussed how the IB system is appreciated by most, if not all, universities around the world. Some universities even exempt students from taking certain courses if they take their equivalence as HL subjects in IB with the condition of having a certain minimum grade. I shared how the final score matters and how it could even transfer courses - an example of that is AUC. We have also had a similar presentation for A-level students, and will be having one more for them this week on 1st November.

I have also had the chance to invite a representative from the prestigious Warwick University to visit CES, and she presented for Year 12 students about the curriculum they follow, the minimum grades and scores for different disciplines and she shared information about the services they provide on their spacious campus. I have also arranged for two large University Fairs to be attended by our students during October. The first one targeted students interested in the UK, but the second fair had a wide range of institutions that included universities in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Middle East, Far East and Europe. Finally, as a school we have introduced a very powerful online program called BridgeU. This is a university guidance platform that helps students around the world realise their potential, through empowering schools to provide smart, modern university and careers guidance. We have delivered detailed training on it so that students are confident while using it. This month is also important for our students applying to Oxbridge in the UK, and those considering Early Decision or Early Action applications to the US. There is always something interesting happening in the world of university applications.

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