News from FS and Key Stage 1
Posted 27-11-2018 02:33PM

Black & Orange Day fun in FS & KS1:

What an exciting day the children had, all dressed up and ready to go on the parade!

We'll let the photos speak for themselves:



Swimming in KS1:

Key Stage 1 have completed their first swimming unit of the year with great success. Our focus was how to be safe in the water as we learn to swim. Of note this year was the great improvement in attendance and participation in swimming lessons. Our swim coaches and Ms. Susana were delighted with the enthusiasm shown in Year 1 and Year 2. We are also so proud to see those children who were reluctant to swim at the beginning of the term entering the pool with confidence and big smiles!

Our swim unit culminated in the Year 2 Swimming Gala on Tuesday 6th November. This is the children's first swimming event at CES and Ms. Susana did a fantastic job in organising it. Parents and friends gathered to cheer our swimmers on as they took part in a variety of water games to showcase their skills in the pool: floating, diving, holding their breath, sliding in and getting out of the pool, keeping direction and changing from vertical to horizontal floating positions in the water.

We would like to thank everyone – parents, teachers, teaching assistants, our swimming coaches, Ms. Ines from the PE Department and especially Ms. Susana Vieira for encouraging us the whole way. We look forward to Term 3!

Learning in FS:

Foundation Stage children have been having fun in their learning. Now that children are well and truly settled, they are participating in creative learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom, with such enthusiasm!

Learning in FS1:

In Maths, FS1 children were looking at how they could burst a set amount of balloons by standing on an upside down table. How many children would it take until they went POP?

Learning in FS2:

On a treasure hunt:

Creating patterns:

Blue Prints for ship building:

Exploring porridge:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears story boards:

Maths fun:

Last, but certainly not least.... our super stars of sport!

Well done Youssef Nassef (Y2AW) on securing his first gold medal in the Egyptian National Gymnastics Tournament for boys under 8. For exemplary effort in his training and always having a smile on his face, even when the going gets tough! Great job!

Another super gymnast in KS1 is Malak Ahmed (Y1IM) who won a silver medal at the Girls Artistic Gymnastics Championship (Egyptian Gymnastics Federation), in the under-7 category. What an amazing achievement and such a positive attitude too! Well done!

Fantastic effort and determination from Habiba Hassan (Y1OC) who also achieved a silver medal in her national competition for gymnastics. What a star!

Another Y1 superstar in the making! Well done to Jana Monib (Y1AK) for winning a silver medal and second place in the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation Championships for 2018/2019.

Well done Laila El Reedy (Y1JR), for gaining a silver medal during a recent Artistic Gymnastics competition. Wow, such super determination!

What a fantastic achievement by Yousof Samaha (Y2MF), who achieved a Gold medal, for first place in the recent Men's Artistic Gymnastics competition! Well done Yousof!

Well done Alyah Emad (Y1AK) for achieving a silver medal whilst participating in an event held by the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation. Great job!

Last, but certainly not least.... our super stars of sport!

Another sporting superstar is Farida Kamel (Y2OS), who participated in a club tournament for both laser shooting and running, wow! She achieved a bronze medal as well as a certificate of appreciation for her participation in the tournament. Well done Farida!

Upcoming events for the remainder of Term 1 in FS and KS1:

 FS2 Trip to Sitara – Thursday 29th November

 FS1 Winter Show – Thursday 6th December

 FS1 Trip to Sitara – Tuesday 11th December

 FS2 Winter Show – Tuesday 11th December

 Year 2 Winter Show – Wednesday 12th December

 Year 1 Winter Show – Thursday 13th December

 End of Term and reports sent home – 20th December

Best wishes from the CES FS & KS1 Team!

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