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Posted 29-01-2019 02:24PM

Upcoming Dates

12th February – IGCSE Options Evening 3:15-4:30pm Auditorium

13th February – Parent Teacher Conferences

Secondary School News

We have had a busy month in the Secondary school, mainly due to having Ministry Exams for all year groups, and Mock Exams for Year 10, AS, A2 and IB2 students for more than 10 days. As such, teachers were very busy organising, invigilating, and marking the exams – and now we are happy to get back to normal lessons! The students did very well and it was a good rehearsal for how things should be during the real thing.

January also saw the BSME Under 13 competition in Dubai, for which our students have been training very hard. They did their best and came out with some excellent successes. Some of our students were interviewed by Gulf Youth Sport, and these can be seen on their Facebook page:

The MUN students began their training with the Cairo International MUN students from AUC. See below for an account of the first training session.

We had an Interhouse Competition on 20th January where students in Year 7 and 8 competed for House Points in games such as Relay, Tug-of-War, Limball, and Capture the Flag. Pictures below!

Students in IB1 supported 80+ children from orphanages to watch a play put on by the SITARA group. They did so well in serving their community and making the day extra special for the children.

As usual, Ms March in the library is busy arranging fantastic events, and January was no different. It was Graphic Novel month and students were able to appreciate this form of literature. Next month, comes a favourite – Minute to Win It!

We also have three new members of staff to welcome – Mr Valentine (Humanities), Ms Horsell (English), and Mr Lennie (Deputy Head of Secondary) – we are glad they are here and wish them all the best.

Ms Pratt

BSME Under 13

Interhouse Competition


MUN training got off to a good start with 23 attendees. Students were introduced to the CIMUN (Cairo International Model United Nations) a student-led organisation along with an outline of the syllabus of the next 8-9 weeks of training. It is CIMUN's mandate to educate youth and help them benefit from the fruitful experience of MUN and formally aid in the development process of high school models. The objective is to lead students through to host their own MUN. Student feedback was positive as they are excited at the prospect of having their own MUN at the school. The presenters were equally impressed by the knowledge of the students and the behaviour of the students as well. A good first week of training!

SITARA Visit – IB1

Upper Library Events – from Ms March, Secondary Library

This month, the library has been focusing on Graphic Novels as the theme.

Many confuse graphic novels as a genre and not a format. These novels are merely a narrative in the form of a comic. Manga is the Japanese form for graphic novels. "They lure teen boys, while retaining the qualities beloved by teen girls. They work for ESL students, teach visual literacy and sequencing, and, above all else, they are wildly popular with an adolescent audience." (Fletcher-Spear, Jenson-Benjamin, & Copeland 2005)

While graphic novels are books, they are read a little differently. The reader must focus on the text as well as the illustrations, the layout, detail about the character and how dialogue and narration work on the page. If you are looking for a good graphic novel try Neil Gaiman or Anthony Horowitz for boys and Rania Tegemeir for girls.

Our library has a number of graphic novels in both fiction and non-fiction and to help the students learn more we have designed a game for students to play called Graphic WHO based on the game GUESS WHO to learn more about our graphic novels.

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