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Posted 30-01-2019 10:51AM

Welcome back to all our families, we hope you have had a wonderful winter break and have enjoyed spending quality time together.

The children are busy working hard as we get settled into Term 2. This term will see a focused scaffolding of learning taking place; building on the ground work that Term 1 provided.

An Important Key to Your Child's Success...

Research shows that children with consistent school attendance learn more.

If pupils are to benefit fully from the many opportunities school offers them, then regular school attendance is vital. A pupil who is 10 minutes late every day will miss up to 30 hours of instruction during the school year - a significant academic loss.

Children who are late can never recover what is most important: the discussion, the questions, the explanations by the teacher and the thinking that makes learning come alive. While punctuality will promote learning, arriving late to school can also be very disruptive for the child, the teacher, and the other pupils who are paying attention to the teacher.

Our continuing assessments of children's progress in FS & KS1, has shown that children who are poor readers are usually those who are repeatedly late for school. This is because they are missing the daily phonics activities that consistently build on and consolidate their learning of the English letter sounds. A much-needed tool for early reading and writing success.

These sessions take place first thing in the morning after registration, when children are at their optimum, receptive learning levels. They form part of their daily routine.

Regular attendance at school enables pupils to keep up to date with the learning that is taking place. Developing positive attendance and timekeeping habits at a young age will serve your child well throughout life.

How Parents Can Improve a Child's School Attendance and Punctuality...

  • Avoid scheduling family trips or doctor appointments during school hours.
  • Make sure your child stays healthy by eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise.
  • Establish a regular bedtime to ensure that your child gets a good night's sleep, awakes rested the next morning and has enough time to prepare for school, bearing in mind the traffic.
  • Don't make excuses for why your child "must" miss or be late for school.
  • Lead by example. If children see parents taking time off work for no real reason, and coming late for scheduled appointments, they may expect to be able to do the same thing.

  • Research shows that attendance is the single most important factor in school success.

    Ultimately, our children will be best served when they . . .

  • Attend school regularly
  • Arrive to school on time
  • Are ready and prepared to learn
  • It is important that children are attending daily and are on time for the morning line-up, as these next few months are crucial to their academic development and progression. So please, let's keep absence down to a minimum and support your child to be part of morning anthem every day.

    Our Sporting Superstars...

    This week we would like to celebrate two Sporting Superstars who are in Year One....

    Hamza Yehia, Y1JR, for his amazing first place achievement from the Egyptian Tennis Association tournament for under 8's. Hamza is a superstar for not only his sporting ability but also for his constant positivity that he brings to CES every day. Well done Hamza!

    Next we have Malak Ismail Farid, Y1IM, for achieving her second silver medal in Gymnastics. This time she achieved the silver medal in the Girls under 7, for the Second Round of the Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Egyptian Federation Championship

    Such dedication!

    Many thanks from the FS & KS1 team!

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