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Posted 27-02-2019 11:53AM

Upcoming Dates

12th March – IB and A-level Options Evening 3:15-4:30pm Auditorium

28th March – Secondary Parents Information Morning

Secondary School News

Most of February has been busy with the follow-up from the process of writing Mock Exams. IGCSE Options Evening on the 12th was very well-represented by both parents and students and I really noticed the difference in the questions the students asked this year. They are very insightful, and taking great care to choose the right subjects for their career choices and their university studies. I have felt very proud of Year 8, and we will be doing the same with the IB Diploma and A-levels choices this month.

HIAMUN was very successful for our team of students who attended. Ms March and Mr Fletcher have written about the event below.

Sports Day this year was an amazing day! Well done to our student participants, and to the teachers for supporting and the PE staff for organising. We had a lot of fun cheering each other on and supporting the Houses. See the photos below.

As usual, Ms March in the library arranged an event each month, and this month it was Blind Date with a Book – find out more below about this fun activity.

Ms Pratt


Six students attended the MUN at the Hayah International Academy. This MUN is very sought after as the competition is fierce. The students at Hayah have Model United Nations as a subject, and they are quite knowledgeable about the structure and how the MUN works. For some of our students it was their first time to experience an MUN and for some it was another conference experience for MUN. It was great to see our students debate and argue points as well as be part of the lobbying and resolution writing. Model UN is helping them grow into leaders, discover their futures, become confident in themselves, and helping form lasting friendships with students from other schools.



Ms Judy in the library always has great events for students! Because February has Valentine's Day, this month she ran 'Blind Date with a Book' after last year's success with the same initiative. This is what she has to say about this fun activity:

"Blind date with a book is like having a date with a book you know nothing about. It is a surprise! Sometimes the surprise is good and sometimes it is not. A patron usually enters the library looking for a book that appeals to them such as the cover of the book, the information on the book jacket or simply how many pages it has. For this choice, the patron has none of these available - only some wrapping on it with intriguing information! They might learn something about themselves; they have to ask themselves what makes me like the books that I like? The library team writes the descriptions ...something like dating ads, and to include as many details as possible. The biggest risk here is that a patron will chose a book that they have no interest in reading. Our goal was to make that very unlikely by writing careful descriptions. Patrons are encouraged to expand their reading repertoire by going on a blind date with one of our books."


Congratulations once again to Karim El Gharabawy in 8A who participated last week in the Cairo Swimming Championship. He achieved a silver medal in 100m breaststroke and two bronze medals in the 50m fly and the 200m breaststroke. Well done Karim!

Sheffield Regional Manager's visit to CES

Last week we have had the honor to host Sheffield's Regional Recruitment Manager for an info session. The University of Sheffield is one of the Russell Group universities. It is also known for the International Scholarships that it provides for its international students, which is a great opportunity for our students.

The session was extremely informative. Students were engaged as and this was reflected in their imperative questions and discussion with Mr. Brown. Also, parents had the chance to ask about the Sheffield's fees, scholarships and housing opportunities for their children.

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