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Posted 27-02-2019 01:37PM

Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure to welcome so many parents to our Learning Morning this week.

In Year 3 we saw students sharing their learning about fractions of quantities.

In Year 4 we saw the students demonstrating their reading and comprehension skills as well as their word knowledge and understanding.

Year 5 demonstrated their comprehension using the VIPERS comprehension skills.

V- Vocabulary

I - Inference

P - Prediction

R – Retrieval

S - Summary

In Year 6 the students worked with their parents to demonstrate their high level of English knowledge and writing skills.

This month has also seen the students from Year 3- 6 compete in the House Basketball competition. The winning house was Tutankhamun with 42 points.

There has also been the Spelling Bee with Cleopatra winning the Year 3 and 4 competition.

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