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Posted 27-03-2019 02:27PM

FS1N and some friendly chameleons...

This half term the children have been learning about many different types of animals, such as pets, farm animals and wild animals. As part of one of our focus stories, 'The Mixed Up Chameleon, we discussed what we may already know about chameleons and learned lots of new information, such as, they can be pets and live in an aquarium at home, they are reptiles, they are multi coloured and can change to many different colours so other animals cannot find them (this is called camouflage). Their skin is not soft and fluffy like other pets; they are hard and have scales, this protects them from other animals.

To finish off our exploration of chameleons, we went on a chameleon walk and discovered how our chameleons changed from one colour to another in order to blend into their surroundings. We had so much fun on our chameleon walk, especially witnessing our chameleon's camouflage!

Book Week!

In celebration of World Book Day, FS & KS1 children had an entire Book Week of fun! During the week, they focused on a famous author and learnt about their life, stories and illustrations.

Book Week Fun in FS1:

The FS1 children enjoyed learning about and sharing stories by the amazing children's author Julia Donaldson. Each class chose a book by the author and used it as their focus book. Each class also decorated their door to represent their story book, with some lovely, creative door displays! Books were swapped between the classes and so the children were able to enjoy many different stories by Julia Donaldson.

Book Week Fun in FS2:

In FS2, children learnt all about Eric Carle, an American author who has written some of our best-loved children's classics, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. Each FS2 class chose a book to focus on and decorated their classroom door accordingly. Children shared many of Eric Carle's books with their peers throughout the week. They also tried their hand at creating art in the distinctive style of his illustrations, even growing our very own hungry caterpillars using soil and grass seeds!

Grandparents Story Time:

Also as part of our Book Week celebrations, FS2 children welcomed their grandparents into class to share some of their favourite stories with us. The children really enjoyed listening to them and they especially enjoyed asking lots of questions at the end of story time! We are grateful to our FS grandparents for taking the time to come in and share their stories with us, it is always a pleasure to have them visit!

Book Week in Year 1:

The Jolly Postman gave Year 1 the task of sorting his letters to kick start Book Week! We read traditional tales all week and had visits and trips! It was a special treat to have Year 7 pupils read their own fairy tales to us! They are wonderful writers. Some Year 1 children visited their previous FS2 class and teacher to read stories there, wow! We also had a visit from the Troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Don't worry, he wasn't as nasty as the trolls we have been reading about. A fun-filled week of great books and reading. Thanks to all the teachers in Year 1 for organising all our activities.

Jolly Postman Sitara Workshop...

As part of their Book Week activities, Year 1 and Year 2 classes actively participated in a workshop based on the book, The Jolly Postman. They met characters from the book, wrote letters and acted out parts of the story. A great activity for our Book Week!

World Book Day Costume Parade Key Stage 1:

Well done to everyone in Year 1 and Year 2 for taking part in our annual World Book Day costume parade! We had some outstanding costumes with students and parents really getting into the spirit of the day! Tiny trolls and lots of Jolly Postmen everywhere!

World Book Day Costume Parade Foundation Stage:

FS1 Arty Science Farm trip...

Earlier this month, FS1 had a trip to Arty Science and for some it was their very first trip to a farm and even to ride the school bus! The weather was perfect, not too hot. The children were excited and were very attentive when the instructors explained the many features of the farm. The activities for the day were split into four different stations. At one station, we painted clay pots, after learning that the clay came from the banks of the River Nile.

At another station, we learned about the different crops that could be grown on the farm. We looked at the fruit trees and also tasted a 'kumquat', which is a very small orange type of fruit. We investigated seeds and even planted our own pepper seeds into small pots to take home.

At the third station, we experienced using some of the crops we had seen to make our own bread!

Finally, came the much anticipated Animal Station. Here we got to see and learn about some of the animals on the farm. There were cows, goats, rabbits, chickens, water fowl and even a donkey. The instructor was very keen for the children to have a hands-on experience; he asked some questions about the animals and then the children got to feed them with some grass. The cows were very obliging and reached out for the grass with their extremely long tongues which amused the children and the donkey kept braying as if to say 'Don't forget me; I want some too'. The children also got to stroke a baby goat (which is called a kid) and the rabbit. We also fed the water fowl and learnt the difference between ducks, geese and chickens.

Each child left the farm with a goodie bag containing all the items they had produced. It was a fun but tiring day, with some of us napping on the way back to school. The children really did enjoy every moment of this visit, adding memories to their memory banks!

Learning Mornings...

FS and KS1 children held their second Learning Mornings this month, here are a few photos of parents engaging in their child's learning:

In Foundation Stage 1:

In Foundation Stage 2:

In Key Stage 1:

Sports Days...

The weather was sunny and warm for the annual FS1, FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 Sports Days. It was lots of fun and our thanks to Miss Tanya and Miss Susana for their great organisation! We couldn't have done it without our team leaders and super helpers from the KS2 and Secondary School Sports Council. Well done and thank you everyone!


Well done to everyone in Year 2 for taking part in Sports Day, it was a great success. We participated with great enthusiasm and good team spirit. We were especially pleased to see so many parents taking part in their child's house colour team events. Thank you to Ms Susana Vieira, our PE teacher for coordinating the day and preparing students so well! Also thank you to Ms Tanya Krisko and all the Year 2 Teachers and TA's for their support in making it such a great afternoon.

Congratulations to 2MM in first place, 2MF in second place and 2OS in third place. House winners were Cleopatra, closely followed by Ramses, Khufu and Tutankhamen.


Year 1 had a terrific time at their Sports Day! Everyone competed happily, cheering for their friends and teammates. Lots of parents were also there to lend their support. Thank you to Ms Susana Vieira, our PE teacher for coordinating the day and preparing students so well! Also thank you to Ms Tanya Krisko and all the Year 1 Teachers and TA's for their support in making it such a great afternoon.

Congratulations to 1SR who took first place, followed by 1OC in second place and 1JR in third place. House winners were Cleopatra, closely followed by Ramses, Khufu and Tutankhamen.


FS2 had so much fun on their Sports Day. Congratulations to the mummy in FS2C who won the ladies' race and the daddy in FS2S who won the men's race...what a great turn out on such a lovely Spring day!


FS1 children did a marvellous job on their very first CES Sports Day! Congratulations to the mummy in FS1S who won the ladies' race and the daddy in FS1L who won the men's race. What an absolutely fun way to end our week!

Our Sporting Superstars...

Congratulations Zeyad Sherif Kamal, (1KF) for achieving a second place, Silver Medal in the recent National Gymnastics competition for boys under 7 years old.

Well done, Farida Fathy Y1JR who came first in a recent General Gymnastics competition. Great effort and poise!

Super teamwork, Celine Samer Y2LM, participated in the National Gymnasium Competition and her team won third place!

Tennis superstar! Adam Sadek Y1OC, participated in a recent Tennis Tournament.

Judy Ahmed Hassan, Y2AW, was part of a winning Volleyball team (Wadi Degla – Sheraton) in the Cairo Volleyball Tournament for under 8's. Teamwork wins again!

Well done to Malak Ashraf, Y2OS, who received a bronze medal for Gymnastics in the under-8s of the National Competition!

A Musical Superstar...

Bravo!! Alexander Samuel 2MM, who participated in a recital at The Cairo Opera House. He has been playing violin for over 2 years now. Our musical superstar!

Look what's coming up in April:

FS & KS1 celebrate Week without Walls

Lots of fun, purposeful, and charitable activities taking place for each year group, so please do read the 'Week without Walls – Community Spirit' flyer that will be sent home shortly for more information.

What a wonderful way to finish off Term 2!

Also in April...

Spring Break starting from Friday 19th April and returning on Sunday 5th May!

Happy Spring Break to everyone from all of us in

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1!

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