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Posted 28-03-2019 12:14PM

Upcoming Dates

14-18th April – Week Without Walls

17th April – Seniors Evening Event

18th April – last day of Term 2 and reports for Exams Groups

Secondary School News

It does not feel like only three weeks until the end of term, but we are there already. The sad part is we have to say goodbye to our senior students who will be writing exams as soon as we begin Term 3. However, this month also includes the first of our Week Without Walls events – El Gouna for Year 7 and Hurghada for Year 8. Also our Year 9 students will be travelling to Barcelona during the April holiday so a very exciting adventure is ahead for all our students!

We are also preparing for our CESMUN and the organising committee has been hard at work ensuring that all participants have a great experience. The event begins on 1st April and continues until 5th. More on this in the next newsletter!

As usual, Ms March in the library arranged an event each month, and this month it was the Golden Ticket – find out more below about this fun activity.

Ms Pratt


Year 7 students have been studying Traditional Tales in their English lessons, so last week, Ms Jones' classes decided to read their fairy tales to Year 1 students, who are also reading them in their lessons. Year 1 was a great audience, and Year 7 did a great job of writing their stories and reading them aloud!


Ms Judy in the library always has great events for students! On a theme of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', they hid golden tickets in certain books – so if a student signed out the book to read and found the ticket, they would win a prize!


Congratulations to Hana Mohamed Fadly in 9B who participated in the Egypt Cup Championship in Artistic Diving and achieved -

1 meter board: 1st place

3 meter board: 3rd place

7 meter board: 2nd place

Total score: 1st place (in girls - Over 14 yrs category)

Hana is going to represent Egypt at The International Artistic Diving Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria in July 2019. Well done Hana!

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