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Posted 29-05-2019 02:52PM

What has been happening since April in FS & KS1;

We had a busy April, especially during our 'Week Without Walls'. We looked at the importance of this week as a time to focus on our community spirit. It enabled the children the opportunity to look beyond the school walls and bring our CES spirit out into the wider world! It became a week of experiences beyond the classroom which brought alive our mission for students to be both world aware and global citizens.

Our focus on Egyptian Culture was also a fundraising event for our CES community. The FS and KS1 School presented each of our valued school workers with a large food hamper just prior to the beginning of Ramadan. Our children and their families showed their usual generosity, making us all proud of this great part of Egyptian Culture. This year we managed to buy Ramadan food hampers for nearly 200 of our local staff and workers.

We also spent the week celebrating our Egyptian Culture with a variety of activities, which lead up to our big celebration of Egyptian Cultural Day on Thursday 18th April.

KA Art Centre came into school to support the children in making local and culturally relevant arts and crafts.

In FS1, children created their own Ramadan decoration to take home.

FS2 children created a leather pouch,

whilst in Year 1, the children decorated an 'kola' (Egyptian clay water jug)

and in Year 2, they designed and decorated a Fanous.

The Foundation Stage children participated in, and raised money for, our annual Animal Walk Fundraiser as part of their community spirit goal. Each year we link our learning about animals to a meaningful cause. One of the regular animal charities we support is ESAF (Egyptian Society of Animal Friends). ESAF is a registered non-profit animal welfare organization under the Egyptian law and is also an animal shelter for dogs and cats.

We started the fundraising with the help of our Year 4 class friends and teacher, Ms. Liz Jones.

The Year 4 children had an absolutely amazing school bake sale where they were able to raise almost 9000LE!! The FS children then had their sponsored 'animal walk' around the track, dressed up in their favourite animal costumes or carrying their favourite stuffed animal. When ESAF came to visit we had the opportunity to see a cat and dog they bought in with them. Later, we presented them with a big cheque that totaled 17,288 LE, which broke last year's record! The children all enjoyed the visit and learned how to help and treat animals. What a wonderful, caring community we live in!

Year 1 classes visited the Children's Civilisation and Cultural Centre in Heliopolis. They explored two pavilions - one for Ancient Egypt and one for The Seasons and Egyptian Agriculture. Year 2 classes travelled to Abdeen Palace Museum in downtown Cairo in preparation for their study of Cairo and London, in Term 3.

The week ended with a variety of fun activities:

Firstly, all of the Foundation Stage children were treated to an amusing Arabic Puppet Show performed by our wonderful Arabic Team!

It was also a dress down day, with children beautifully dressed in their Arabic costumes. We shared Arabic food and were enthralled and entertained by the Tanoura dancers!

What a fabulous way to end Term 2!!

Term 3 is also a busy time for us as we come to the end of the year. We have assessments, and performance rehearsals and meeting new year groups. All our parents should have received their invites to their child's end of year performance.

Although our children are busy, they never cease to amaze us with their wonderful talents outside of school. In this edition of the school newsletter, we not only have Superstars of Sport but also of learning and performing.....

We are very proud of Youssef Nassif, Y2AW. Despite having a very sore knee from the onset of the tournament, he was able to collect enough power to secure a third gold medal at the Egyptian National Gymnastics Tournament!

Super congratulations to Tamara Hassan Abdel Rahman, Karma Sherif Kamal, Tia Fawzy Shaker and Lara Mohab El Hossieny, all in FS1S, for achieving gold medals in the national gymnastics competition for Girls under 6. Amazing!

Bravo! Layla Serry FS2M, for achieving a gold medal in the national gymnastics competition for girls under 6 years.

Congratulations to Liana William, FS2H, who achieved a gold medal for first place in the Egyptian National Gymnastics Championship!

Hamza Yehia, Y1JR, has done it again...winning first place whilst participating in the Egyptian tennis association tournament for under 8's. what a super tennis ace!

Well done Mariam Magdy, FS2M, for winning a gold medal for gymnastics.

Great effort Youssef Morshidy, FS1S, who achieved a gold medal in his swim training!

Congratulations to Lily Ibrahim, 1OC, who gained a medal in a recent Ballet competition!

Well done to Kareem Tarek Bahgat FS1G and Zeina Mohamed Gamal FS1H, who both participated in the New Giza 5k Colour Marathon and also ran for 2k in the Cairo Marathon. What amazing athletes!

Congratulations to Irena Farag, FS2M, who was awarded a 'Best Ballerina' medal in her final term evaluation!

Congratulations to Youssef Abdelalim, FS2S, who gained his medal as a member of the Champions Football Academy, which recently won a tournament among a number of other football academies. Team player!!

Congratulations Habiba Hassan, Y1OC, for second place achievement at the 'Intelligent Mental Arithmetic' (IMA) Centre, for children 5 to 12 years of age. What a wonderful accomplishment!

Congratulations to Tia Hazzem, FS2J, who received a medal for her performance in a Pirate's show in her drama, acting, and theatre classes!

Well done, Asya Yehia, FS2R, who achieved a gold medal in swimming and took the third place in the front crawl stroke at the Ain shams University pool!

Congratulations to Sofyan Aoun, FS2C, who received a medal for his performance in a Pirate's Show in his drama, acting, and theatre classes. Great job!

CES has some amazingly talented, young Sporting, Learning,

and Performing Superstars!!

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