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Posted 29-05-2019 02:57PM

Dear Parents,

Phew!! I hear you all say as we near the end of the final assessment for 2018-19.

The children have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks preparing for all of the assessments and completing them, but this doesn't mean school is over. We still expect continued attendance and exemplary behaviour. I know the children seem to think the school year is over and have started thinking about next year, however, the teachers continue to work hard delivering essential lessons. The teachers will be planning lessons ensuring any misconceptions highlighted in the assessments are clarified until the end of the school year.

The final class assemblies have now been completed. I can honestly say that the standard of assemblies has been truly amazing this year. It takes a lot of time, energy and dedication from the children and teachers to produce a 15-20-minute presentation of their learning.


Social Media such as Facebook, What's App Instagram and Snapchat continue to cause problems between children in school.

Recently we have noticed group accounts being made where the children have 1 login name and password which they all share and post anonymously. The children believe this is private to them and while going well is successful. But when somebody posts something inappropriate there is no name stamp so the person cannot be held accountable. This is a rising trend and something that we all need to be aware of. Please ensure if your child does have one of these accounts their password and account is unique to them and not a shared account.

Although the children are not using these applications during the school day, the things that are said end up causing problems in the classroom and playground.

Social Media when used responsibly is enjoyable and a very useful tool for family and friends around the world to stay in touch. However, children should not be using these sites unsupervised. Please help us by monitoring your child's use of these applications and viewing their posts.

By following your child's Instagram account or being a friend on Facebook as well as keeping your parental controls and restrictions updated will ensure that what your child writes, receives and views is age appropriate and culturally sensitive. The Internet is a powerful tool, which can have limitless benefits, but it must be used sensibly and safely.


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    Claire Rowland

    Head of Key Stage Two

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