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Posted 29-05-2019 02:58PM

Dear parents,

May has been an exceptionally busy month for us. Students and teachers have been working hard to be as prepared as they can be for a range of examinations, from the ministry exams to A levels, and INCAS in Year 2 to IGCSE in Year 10. In addition we have our own end of year examinations for students. There is no 'magic wand' for exam success. It depends on having a certain flair for a subject of course, but more than that it depends on hard work and application, not just in the days before a test, but in the preceding years in school. The early curriculum is a foundation for what comes later, and just like a building, a weak foundation will inevitably compromise what comes later. Likewise, a positive and supported attitude to learning at all times will pay dividends in the future, providing the conditions for understanding and developing a depth and breadth of knowledge. There are no quick fixes, it is a simple truth that in order to be our best we must consistently work to our utmost. Good support from teachers and parents is a significant help, but personal dedication, commitment and sheer will on the part of the individual are indispensable. In any field of endeavour some are inevitably more talented than others, but also remember that hard work will overcome natural talent whenever natural talent doesn't work hard enough. Ultimately the message for exam success is simply this – do your best, not just sometimes, but always, and then you can really achieve the results you deserve.

Steve Lewis


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