FS & KS1 – our last Newsletter for the School Year 2018/19
Posted 18-06-2019 03:46PM

We have now come to the end of another wonderful and incredibly hectic school year. It is hard to believe how quickly this year has passed and how much our children have grown. I would like to thank you for your continuing support, your trust, and your commitment to the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Section of CES. Though this was another busy year, having you as partners in your child's education played an important role in making it another success! Thank you!

This term we have celebrated end of year shows with assemblies, a choral performance, the stunning production of Alice in Wonderland and the FS2 Graduation. The children have really enjoyed sharing their many talents with you!

Swimming was a fun time for the FS children, so much so, some FS1 children enjoyed writing about their experience. Wonderful early writing skills on display with many recognisable letters and words!

Here are just some of the pictures of our FS1s having fun in the pool for the first time:

Here's some from FS2, even warming up in the sun afterwards:

We have also been partaking in different year group transition activities. For our new parents to FS1 in September, we welcomed them into school over the course of two days, for an in-class orientation on what to expect in the first few days at 'big school'.

We also delighted in transitions for FS1 going into FS2, FS2 going into Year 1, Year 1 into Year 2 and Year 2 into KS2!

For FS2 children, this is a big step. They are moving to the other side of our corridor and were joyously welcomed by the Year 1 classes and teachers. The Y1 children were so happy and eager to show the FS2 children around the different areas of the school which will be new to them. It also helped to dispel the unknown and allay anxiety. All of the children had a fun time!

For our Year 2s going into Year 3, this too is another big step, but our Year 2s are more than ready to face the challenges that this brings. They really have matured and their sensibility is now more evident! We wish all children moving into different year groups and different sections of the school all the very best!

Teacher feedback from FS1s transitioning with FS2:

'We had so much fun having FS1H visit us this morning in our class. FS2J were really excited to show them the classroom, the resources we have and to introduce themselves too. They really enjoyed the experience of pairing up with a younger friend from FS1 and sharing a group story. They chose their favourite story 'Room on the Broom' to share with them... It was such a lovely experience for not only the children but for us adults too!'

Feedback from Year 1 teachers regarding transition activities:

'Yesterday, I had the opportunity to step into some FS2 classes as part of transition and I was absolutely delighted with what I observed. The standard of writing the children were producing was phenomenal. They were using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and the presentation of their work was immaculate and all done independently. It was lovely to see pupils tackling Phase 4 words.... I felt like I was in a Reception class in the UK. The setup, displays and the warm, happy, secure learning environment was a joy to observe. Every single child exuded enthusiasm and happiness for school, for learning...'

'It was a lovely experience for both classes. I was so happy to see my children take the lead.'

Our FS2 Graduating Class on their trip to Sitara...

Our final 'Hall of Fame' Superstars for this academic year...

Congratulations to Farida Mohamed Mostafa Kamel, Y2OS, who participated in a laser shooting and running tournament where she achieved second place, gaining a silver medal and a certificate of appreciation awarded for her participation! The wonderful point to note is that Farida is competing at the 10-year-old level even though she is still 7 years old. Fantastic effort and determination Farida!

Hassan Hassan, FS2S, achieved a silver medal in Judo, well done Hassan!!

Well done to Mourad El Zoghby, Y1OC, who won third place in the Ramadan Judo tournament held at the Heliopolis club.

Congratulations to Omar Assem Abdel Latif, FS2R, for winning a bronze medal in judo at the Ramadan Tournament at the Heliopolis Club. His brother Yassin in Y4G won gold at the same tournament. Well done boys!

Congratulations Hassan Mohamed Osman, Y1IM, who received a trophy for second place in the Ramadan Tennis Tournament held at the Heliopolis Club. What a star!

Congratulations to Youssef Ekdawi, Y1JR, for winning a bronze medal in judo at the Ramadan Tournament at the Heliopolis Club.

Congratulations to Lara Abdul Fattah, FS2C, who received a gold medal for her participation in a recent ballet show.

Congratulations to Youssef Wael Houter, FS2C, who achieved a medal for his performance in a Pirate's Show in his drama, acting and theatre classes within the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy.

Congratulations to Talia Mubarak, FS1S, who received a gold medal for completion of beginner junior-level ballet. Well done Talia!

Congratulations to both Haya Ibrahim and Sophia Abdel Mohsen, 2LM, both girls received gold medals in a recent ballet performance. Bravo!

Congratulations to Jayda Mohamed Shaaban, Y1KF, who received a gold medal for her performance in 'Easy Talent Academy' ballet competition. Well done!

Congratulations to Kareem Bahgat and Nelly Yasser, FS1G, who participated in the Annual Children's Choir at the Cairo Opera House and did an amazing job. Way to go!

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One teachers, admin and management would like to wish all our families a wonderful and safe summer. Summer work is being sent home, please don't let children's learning stop at the school gates. Make learning fun over the holidays so they retain some of the many skills and much of the knowledge they have gained over the course of this year. It really does have a massive impact on their return to school. Read daily, for enjoyment...the greatest gift you can give your child!

Happy holidays, see you in September!

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