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Posted 02-10-2019 10:37AM

Dear Parents

Wow! What a start to the year. Can you believe it's been a month, so much has happened already! Yet in the face of new and improved changes, the children remain engaged and active learners.

Across a range of lessons, I have seen strong relationships and routines building; children asking questions, being stretched and challenged. There is a great bubble of excitement and an eagerness to succeed spreading through all our classrooms. Students and teachers are all raising the bar of expectations.

This infectious passion for learning is not only among the teachers and students. It can also be seen around the school. I couldn't photograph them all, but there have been some dazzling displays of student's learning, work and class themes. They all play a vital part in ensuring that the learning environment is stimulating and motivates students to learn. Thank you to all the extra hours, teachers and teaching assistants have put into designing and creating all our delightful displays. As I walk around the school it creates a strong sense of pride and acceptance.

New beginnings can be scary at times, but not at CES. All new starters to the school were invited to a fun and relaxing Tea Party with yours truly (Mr Horn). Over some scrumptious sandwiches, delicious desserts and sweet drinks, it was nice to get to know each and every one of the new members of our CES family. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the dance moves that were on display and the great sense of coming together. Hearing all the great things that have already happened for our new comers and witnessing some of the friendship bonds that have already developed, reassures me that CES is the best place for them.

Our value focus for this half term is motivation. There have been numerous examples of students demonstrating what motivates them – extrinsically and intrinsically. There has also been a wealth of examples of students demonstrating the power positive motivation can have to produce high-quality work and behaviour.

In fortnightly values lessons, children alongside Miss Nardine and Mr Mina have been exploring the concept of motivation through practical activities and games. Team-work and communication skills have supported this.

Followed by reflection time, the students ponder what motivates them; how they can stay intrinsically motivated as well as motivate others around them.

Also this month, Year 6 have clearly demonstrated that they are truly motivated to master their accelerated Science curriculum. In their first biology unit on cells, they have shown great resilience in developing their understanding of more challenging scientific concepts and processes during lab sessions. But the learning did not stop here.

As part of their homework, across the year group, students created models of animal cells using various designs.

The attention to detail and quality of some of the work produced has truly been inspiring. It acts as a great reminder of the importance of being self-motivated in order to achieve your personal best.

With all the great examples of learning happening at the start of this term, I have every confidence that your newly elected Student Councillors, alongside our Head Boy and Head Girl will support this.

Head Boy: Adam Karim GhaziHead Girl: Tia Ahmed El Garhi

I look forward to working alongside all of the representatives, to ensure that CES continues to be a place where we strive to achieve personal excellence.

Thank you all for an exciting and happy start to the academic year. I am sure there will be more positive news to share as the year develops.


Richard Horn

Congratulations to Jenna Abuelnaga 5E

Congratulations to Yassin Mohamed El Leithy Y6 D won the golden medal and first place in National Traditional Karate Competition (under 12 years old) that was held on August 31 2019.

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