Letter from the Head of Primary
Posted 07-11-2019 11:12AM

Dear Parents

Despite there being Half Term this month we have still managed to have a very busy October. I have been impressed by many examples of the work being undertaken in class; in books, electronically and for displays.

Our first Global Citizens Day was a great success. Many of the children came to me to say, not only how much they had enjoyed the day but also how much they appreciated celebrating their own Egyptian culture. Children from year 3 wrote their Top 10 Reasons to Love Egypt and listening to them read these out at Anthem made us all proud.

Black and Orange Day has also been a highlight. It was great to see the effort that so many of the children put into their outfits and I could have awarded 'best' costume many times over. We had our very first Whole School Assembly in the Auditorium. It was great to get Year 3 to 6 altogether. Miss Victoria helped us understand more about how festivals like Halloween are celebrated all over the world, in many different cultures and Miss Toya told us all a very scary story – with all the children adding the sound effects!

It was wonderful to meet and talk with so many of you during the Parent Teacher Conference day and I look forward to more work and fun during November,

Yours sincerely

Richard Horn

Head of Primary

Year 3 – Miss Heba

The past month was packed with a variety of events!

From class assemblies to Global Citizens as well as Black & Orange Day, Year 3 have been enjoying a different side to teaching and learning at CES.

To celebrate Global Citizens Day, we have enjoyed a French breakfast while dressed up in traditional/ancient Egyptian outfits. We learned about what it takes to be a global citizen and affirmed our love to Egypt in writing with the '10 Things to Love about Egypt'.

Moreover, Year 3A and 3D had their class assemblies held and the audience were in for treats. 3A performed their assembly with the theme 'Read Like You're Dancing'. 3D's assembly discussed environmental awareness with the theme 'Save the World, Make it a Better Place'. It is not only the themes of the assemblies that made them remarkable, but it was also the talent and effort which children have put in performing their lines, songs and dances.

Black and Orange Thursday, or Halloween, was another exciting occasion. With children dressed up in costumes, they learned about the history of Halloween and took part in many of the traditional activities of the day.

The bustle never stops in Year 3! Our Year 3s continue to work diligently and therefore inspire their teachers to plan thrilling experiences...

Year 4 – Miss Amanda

Year 4 has kicked off to a fantastic, well round start this year. Our year 4 students have met new teachers, made new friends and have begun to take on new subjects such as french and ESS with an open mind. So far, students have had the opportunity to celebrate Global citizen's day by embracing their rich Egyptian culture, as well as partaking in a traditional French style breakfast. In P.E, students have learned about the importance of team work and have been praised by their coaches on their readiness to learn and actively participate during their lessons. We have celebrated Black and Orange day by dressing up and learning about the history of this global celebration. Along with working collaboratively during both core and foundation subjects, this year 4s have also begun to mature with regards to their self-motivation and ability to work hard as independent learners. An excellent start so far!

Year 5 – Miss Andrea

Wow! What an amazing month Year 5 has had.

The highlight of the month was of course the Greek Day! Who would not want to be Zeus or Aphrodite for a day? How about Poseidon or Athena? This choice alone was a Herculean task for Year 5 as Greek Mythology came to life! Not only were the children able to dress, play and write like a Greek for a day, but they were able to broaden their knowledge about Greek monsters, heroes, gods and goddesses, allowing them write poems, fact files and some entertaining quest myths.

Did you know that whales used to live on land and birds have evolved from dinosaurs? During our Evolution and Inheritance unit our Year 5 scientists learned about how animals have adapted to suit their environments and the important role of palaeontologists such as Mary Anning. They explored how blubber help seals to adapt to their environment by coating one finger with a thick layer of margarine. It was really messy, but extreme fun!

Year 6 – Miss Desi

Year 6 have been investigating the rate of diffusion and how temperature effects this. We have been discussing anomalies within our investigations, how to produce more accurate results as scientists and discussing other variables that will also test our hypotheses.

We have been having fun on the field in our PE lessons and perfecting our rugby skills as well as coming together as a team and building our very own 'towers of strength.'

Global Citizens Day saw us explore why we love being Egyptian and celebrate the best parts of Egypt and why we love being here and we even enjoyed a scrumptious French Breakfast!

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