News from the Head of Secondary
Posted 07-11-2019 11:34AM

The first half term has passed and the school year is now in full swing, students are fully absorbed in their studies and at the time of writing are preparing hard for their examinations for Assessment Week 1. These assessments, combined with the continual assessment undertaken by teachers throughout the term will give students, parents and teachers alike the first clear indication of progress and attainment, that can be tracked alongside the newly introduced targets for each subject.

September feels a long time ago due to the incredible number of positive happenings that have taken place, and I am pleased to share with our school community some of those highlights. At the end of October our students had the opportunity to support the PTSA's charity by donating money to participate in Orange & Black day, and students revelled in the chance to dress in an array of Halloween themed costumes and the orange and black colours filled the Secondary School. The caring and charitable nature of Cairo English School was a repeating theme through the last 2 months and it was great to see our students supporting the Oriental Fiesta. One event that was new to calendar which brought the school community together was the charity football tournament organised by our IB students as part of their CAS work. The tournament saw teams from all secondary year groups, boys and girls, participating and even an appearance from 2 staff teams. The eventual winners being our Senior School students who thoroughly enjoyed lifting their trophy into the air. I feel the CAS students and Ms Erika Hughes deserve a massive thank you for organising this event. Our students have also been working hard to raise funds for Banati and these positive activities really do highlight our school values.

Academically we have seen our students motivated to produce their best, and the school's IB Coordinator Ms Heba Serry along with Ms Emily Aderibigbe were incredibly proud of how the IB students performed in the recent TOK presentations. It shows that when our students are given the opportunity to work independently and produce their own work that they are capable of excelling. This is a trait that I would want all parents and students at CES to promote; the motivation to work hard to achieve something great and the open-mindedness to accept challenges in the multi-cultural community of the school.

The School's Head Students, Sami Karass and Zeina Omar have been a guiding influence for students so far this year, they have been very active in talking with students and have worked very hard to promote the atmosphere of a school family where students young and old care for the place that they call home from 8am until 3:05pm. The interaction between students and staff is a cornerstone for a successful school and we are looking to continue to grow our Student Councils and improve how we listen to the student voice within the school. These two students along with all other students in Year 12 are now at that time of the year where they are looking to their futures and life after CES. I am proud to see that our students have ambitions to study and travel the world in search of continuing learning and I have the faith that these students will do the school proud.

I want to thank all of the staff and students for everything they have done so far this year and for all the great things they will do in the coming months.

Mr Andrew Lennie

Head of Secondary

Secondary CAS football tournament

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