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Posted 12-11-2019 10:15AM

Thank you to all of our families who attended the Oriental Festival Picnic! This event was organised by our amazing PTSA and was a huge success. The theme of 'Oriental' fitted well into our Global Citizen theme for this term celebrating all that we love about Egypt. The event raised a huge 309,000 LE for the charity VeryNile which is an organisation working to secure the future of the Rive Nile. Co-founded in July 2018 by Egyptian startups Greenish and Bassita, VeryNile is a community grown service that raises awareness of the importance of protecting and saving the environment. It's the first ever initiative to focus on the Nile and removing trash from the river so we are thrilled to be able to support such a project.

Well done to the CES Swim team! They had a successful swim event with CAC on Saturday 9th November and brought home 93 medals, 45 of which were Gold and an amazing 15 trophies. Our swim coaches Coach Mahmoud, Coach Eid and Coach Abdo are a dedicated team who have passionately led this team to success and I know that the students push themselves hard to be the best that we can be. We are very lucky to have such a strong swim team in school so please do support our swim events.

Thank you to all the parents from Foundation Stage through to Year 6 who made such an event with Orange and Black day an enjoyable experience. This opportunity was a splendid example of a community event when we all come together to celebrate dressing up and bringing a sense of fun to our learning environment.

You will see from this newsletter that there has been so many amazing opportunities for the children this past few weeks and I know that the students are focused and dedicated to their own success during the assessment week. The results from this assessment week will ensure that we have the knowledge to ensure that all students are reaching their aspirational targets and it will also inform us of where we need to put more focus for the upcoming half term.

Thank you to all of our CES families for all of your support and making this school as great as it is!

Ms. Beth Meldrum


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