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Posted 02-12-2019 10:19AM

Dear Parents

We are fast approaching the end of a long and busy term where I know all the children have enjoyed a wide range of learning experiences and challenges, as well as the more fun aspects of school life. You will see from the range of activities in the Year Group reports just how much has been going on – the trips and Assemblies have been especially exciting.

Of course, we do these things to make the learning more engaging for the children but it is there to support the learning. Another important part of this month were the assessments.

During the term, week on week, children are assessed against their current learning. However, once a term they are measured against the whole curriculum expectations, not just what they have done in the last few weeks. This allows children who are finding the work more challenging to show their actual levels; it also allows pupils who are working at higher levels to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

The last thing I would like to highlight with you all is the awful news about the Girls' Home. They have had a series of fires which, sadly, are believed to be deliberate. This has left these already vulnerable girls with very little, not even the home that they were living in. We have held our Bake Sale to raise funds to help them and this week we will be launching our Winter Appeal which will focus on the needs of these girls. So when the letter goes home about this please do your very best to help us.

Thank you for your continued support,

Yours sincerely

Richard Horn

Year 3 Update

Who can ever get enough of Ancient Egypt? Definitely not our Year 3s especially when our learning involves a trip to The Pyramids of Giza where we enjoyed learning firsthand about one of the greatest wonders of the world. Our tour guides made the trip very informative and enjoyable for us and we went back to school with heaps of knowledge. More on Ancient Egypt, 3C entertained us with a delightful assembly that involved drama, suspense, humor and of course a dance and a song.

And who said that learning cannot get a little bit messy and a lot more fun? Check our Year 3s making amounts of money using play money. We learned to make amounts of money using different combinations and using the right money notation. It was a lot of hard work yet it felt like play the whole time. In Science, we learned the common names for bones after cutting the bones and putting them together to form a skeleton. It was loud, fun and all the while very productive.

Year 3 is full of wonders!

Year 4 Update

As we approach the end of Term 1 our year 4 students have settled into routines well. We were all lucky to attend the wonderful assembly performed by 4C showing the learning journey of the generation thus far. We have many more to look forward to in the coming terms. In Science, students have been learning about the properties of materials, investigating stretchiness and making observations on reversible changes and irreversible reactions. In Maths students have had the opportunity to explore different measures, relating these to real life problems as well as building on their knowledge of mathematical vocabulary in order to explain reasoning questions more clearly. Our focus in Computing and writing has been publishing using MS Word. Students have been able to complete the writing process and use Word to publish their Newspaper reports. This month, Year 4 students will have the opportunity to explore various art forms on their trips to both the Art Café and Sitara. Or Value of this half of the term is Open Minded. Students have been exploring the meaning of this means and working together in values lessons to explain and give examples of how we can become more open minded in our daily lives.

Identifying features in a non-fiction text.

Publishing English Newspaper articles using MS Word.

Art Café, working with clay.

Year 5 Update

What another amazing month in year 5! We've been having a blast learning about World War one, carrying out scientific investigations and investigating area and perimeter.

In English, we've written some engaging diary entries about the famous Christmas Truce of 1914 when the Germans and the French/British soldiers called a ceasefire for one day. They gave each other gifts, shared food, sang Christmas carols, and even played games of football with each other. On November the 11th, we had the opportunity to participate in a Webinar about WW1 and took time to remember the fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day by having a minute of silence and drawing poppies.

In Science, we have been learning about forces, in particular water resistance and air resistance. We looked at which shapes would travel the fastest through water, whilst discovering that water resistance can slow down objects passing through it. We thoroughly enjoyed making parachutes changing different variables to see which would stay in the air the longest.

In Maths, we had fun measuring the perimeter of different areas around the school using trundle wheels. We also worked in teams to carry out investigations to see if rectangles with the same area would have the same perimeter.

Year 6 Update

Enjoying some time in the library and discussing what non-fiction look like and when we would use them.

Earlier on in the month, Year 6 joined 'Science Craft' to take part in their very own Buzz Wire project and make their own electrical circuit mazes. Here we learnt about currents, and what makes a closed and open circuit and looked at variations in parallel and simple circuits when making our very own mazes.

November saw Year 6 celebrate the Halloween festivities with 'Black and Orange Day.' We paraded around the school, learnt about the true origins of All-Hallow's Eve and had a go at writing our very own scary stories.

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