Headteacher's Message
Posted 19-12-2019 12:06PM

Dear Parents,

We have come to the close of a very busy and productive Autumn term. Staff and pupils have worked incredibly hard over the weeks and I have been very impressed by all the quality work I have seen and the clear progress being made in all areas of the school.

We have included a wide range of events over the term, in all Year Groups, to keep the children engaged in their learning and motivated in their studies. It is a key part of the curriculum in Primary to enable students to experience a full range of learning opportunities.

I have very much appreciated the commitment of the staff in ensuring that standards were kept high and that the expectations of what your children are capable of is raised, so that they achieve their best. I have seen this demonstrated day after day and I hope you would wish to thank your child's teacher too for the work they have put in.

Obviously, the school does not run without the support and continued contribution of the parents. So lastly, I would like to thank you all for everything you have done over the last term to improve the life of the school and the educational outcomes of the children.

For those of you celebrating I wish you a very Merry Christmas, and I hope that you all have a chance for a break and a Happy New Year,

All the very best,

Richard Horn

Head of Primary

Year 3 Update

Christmas is in the air – there is no better testament to the work in Year 3 than December has been. As we approach the holiday season I have decided to be a little poetic in updating you, I hope you enjoy.

Corridors and class doors decorated for this jolly season.

How the children are hooked on Christmas reading for reason.

Reading is not the choice when there's Panto at the theatre.

I becomes we in this time to give - our gifts chosen carefully for

Santa Claus to visit, our 'Secret Santa' through Year 3.

Tis the season for Ms Craig's Christmas carols to fill the air but

Maths still continues and we learned to tell the time.

Art was definitely a winner, as we were working altogether.

So thank you everyone, for the term and the memories to treasure.

Year 4 Update

After an extremely busy term, full of new challenges, teachers and friendships, Year 4s had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Art Café in Maadi and also Sitara Theatre. The Year 4 students explored different art forms, from moulding with clay, making their own keyrings or necklaces, creating mosaic photo frames and baking their very own cupcakes, which they were able to enjoy afterwards. We also had the opportunity to watch a spin-off of the fairy tale Rapunzel. The students had a wonderful time. The storyline was both engaging and interactive – the students certainly enjoyed being part of the show. Finally, to wrap up a very exciting Science unit – the Year 4s conducted several investigations, learning more about the processes of filtering, sieving, dissolving and evaporation. We have had a very enjoyable fun-packed term filled with learning – we're really looking forward to what next year brings!

Year 5 Update

We are now on the countdown to Christmas and our winter break so Year 5 pupils have been participating in lots of exciting events over the past few weeks. The children have been busy decorating their classroom doors and making paper chains to decorate our lovely halls. Their work is creative and looks amazing! Don't you agree?

Another highlight for us this month has been our trip to Sitara to see the modern version of Rapunzel. The children had an amazing time engaging with the modern twist, participating in the songs and activities prepared by the theatre.

Year 6 Update

December has been an exciting month in Year 6 as we have been finalizing our units and preparing for the festive holidays. We have all enjoyed a fun trip to Sitara, where we all watched a retelling of Rapunzel and delighted in the music, songs, dances and not to mention the much loved Osman and his jokes. We laughed, sang along and all enjoyed a very festive start to the month.

The end of the month has also seen us write our very own Mystery Stories modelled on the very famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle text, 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.' We have written stories about diamond thieves, dynamic duo detectives, under-cover secret agents, secret museum lairs and many more thrilling and riveting tales of wonder and curiosity. We implored our skills of writing in suspense and with tension and ensured that we kept our readers captivated by keeping facts hidden and throwing in lots of red herrings along the way.

We have all taken the 'Christmas Door' competition in Year 6 very, very seriously and have produced amazing Winter Wonderlands of our very own. Hopefully you agree as much as we do that we are truly in the Festive Spirits this month.

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