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Posted 30-01-2020 12:34PM

Dear Parents

Happy New Year to you all. We are back into the swing of things in our new term and the children have all started upon their new learning themes with gusto. We have a bumper Newsletter this month with updates on December and the start of this term to share with you.

Staff and pupils have worked incredibly hard over the last term and continue to do so. I have been very impressed by all the quality work I have seen and the clear progress being made in all areas of the school.

We introduced a wide range of events over the Autumn term, in all Year Groups, to keep the children engaged in their learning and motivated in their studies. It is a key part of the curriculum in Primary to enable students to experience a full range of learning opportunities. We will continue to do this as we move through the Spring term, culminating in our 'Week Without Walls', plans for which are already well in hand.

Obviously, the school does not run without the support and continued contribution of the parents. So lastly, I would like to thank you all for everything you have done since the start of the year to improve the life of the school and the educational outcomes of the children.

Yours sincerely

Richard Horn

Head of Primary


  • Times Table Check – In line with assessment in the UK children will be taking a Times Tables test in their exams towards the end of this term. Although this will be on the tables they have been learning in school you may want to help them practice at home and Mathletics can support this. The tests will be;
  • o Year 3 – 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x tables.

    o Year 4 to 6 – up to 12x12

  • Spring Term Parent Teacher Conferences (PTCs). The date for the Primary PTCs on the on-line calendar is incorrect. Please note that this terms meetings will be on Monday 30th March.
  • Year 3 – Miss Heba

    Year 3 has had a happy, head start to the year.

    We started off the new term by writing our very own New Year's resolutions. We were very reflective and our resolutions ranged from academic to personal and sports related goals.

    3F took their reflection to the next level and performed their assembly around their time (thus far) in Year 3. It was very refreshing to see how much they have learned and how far they have come.

    'Reflective' also appeared in our science lessons. Our new topic for this half-term is LIGHT and the children in 3E were researching and comparing different materials according to their reflective properties. 3C had lots of fun experimenting with different reflective materials and designing their own 'reflective safety backpack'. They learned about the importance of reflective material in outer wear and its different uses in our daily lives.

    Year 4 – Miss Amanda

    Last term was extremely busy across Year 4, full of new challenges, teachers and friendships, Year 4s had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Art Café in Maadi and also Sitara Theatre. The Year 4 students explored different art forms, from moulding with clay, making their own keyrings or necklaces, creating mosaic photo frames and baking their very own cupcakes, which they were able to enjoy afterwards. We also had the opportunity to watch a spin-off of the fairy tale Rapunzel. The students had a wonderful time. The storyline was both engaging and interactive – the students certainly enjoyed being part of the show. Finally, to wrap up a very exciting Science unit – the Year 4s conducted several investigations, learning more about the processes of filtering, sieving, dissolving and evaporation. We had a very enjoyable fun-packed term filled with learning.

    We have also had a busy and exciting start to a new theme this half term. Year 4 are reading the ancient story of Beowulf as told by Michael Morpurgo. The story of Beowulf is a retelling based on an Old English poem. The story is set in fifth century Denmark and is about a monster who stalks the night, and a Prince of the Geats who has the courage and strength to defeat him. This text is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice their reading fluency, build vocabulary and practice the writing process for a myth. In Science, students have shown great enthusiasm with our topic for the term – Electricity. Students have, so far, been learning about how to build circuits, use symbols to draw circuit diagrams and begin to understand the differences between conductors and insulators of electricity. In Music, students are learning about tone, pace and rhythm through song. Students are learning the recorder and the tambourine. We have also had our first Movie Night – organised by the CES IB students. It was a wonderful evening and it was lovely to see the Year Group getting on together so well.

    Year 5 – Miss Andrea

    In the countdown to Christmas and our winter break the Year 5 pupils participated in lots of exciting events. The children were busy decorating their classroom doors and made paper chains to decorate our lovely halls. Their work was very creative and looked amazing! Don't you agree?

    Another highlight for the end of last term was our trip to Sitara to see the modern version of Rapunzel. The children had an amazing time engaging with the modern twist, participating in the songs and activities prepared by the theatre.

    Year 5 have been just as busy in 2020 as they were in 2019!

    The children have been fascinated by our new theme, Earth and Space. They have had an exciting and enjoyable time learning about the first astronauts and animals in space, the race between the USA and the USSR and the Apollo missions. They have also been learning about the planets and have created some beautiful artwork together with fact files and reports about the different planets!

    We have also started our new values theme for this half term, being Reflective. The children have been learning about the importance of knowing themselves as a learner, knowing what works best for them and how they can be better learners. We've come up with our own goals and New Year's Resolutions as part of this unit.

    Year 6 – Miss Desi

    December was an exciting month in Year 6 as we finalised our units and prepared for the festive holidays. We all enjoyed a fun trip to Sitara, where we all watched a retelling of Rapunzel and delighted in the music, songs, dances and not to mention the much loved Osman and his jokes. We laughed, sang along and all enjoyed a very festive time.

    December also saw us write our very own Mystery Stories modelled on the very famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle text, 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.' We wrote stories about diamond thieves, dynamic duo detectives, under-cover secret agents, secret museum lairs and many more thrilling and riveting tales of wonder and curiosity. We explored our skills of writing suspense and adding tension to ensure that we kept our readers captivated by keeping facts hidden and throwing in lots of red herrings along the way.

    We all took the 'Christmas Door' competition in Year 6 very, very seriously and produced amazing Winter Wonderlands of our very own. Hopefully you agree as much as we do that we truly got into the Festive Spirit!

    In Year 6, we have come back from Winter Break excited and eager to show off exactly what we can do. January has seen us jump straight into our theme of reflection by reflecting on the past year, looking to the year ahead with enthusiasm and fervor and really thinking about the goals we want to achieve and how we will get there. We have been busy making New Year's Resolutions, writing to our future selves and letting the people around us know why we value, care for them and are thankful for them daily. Our reflection displays show that we have thought carefully about the moments, people and goals we value.

    This month has seen us begin our brand new topic 'Egyptian Culture and Heritage' where we have started to explore human and physical aspects of geography and begin to make comparisons between the UK and Egypt as well as looking at biographical writing in English. We have been busy exploring and researching about the life of key Egyptian figures through time, both past and present and documenting their successes, career highlights and important messages that they leave us with.

    We have also been perfecting our poetic skills and celebrating the amazing Egyptian cuisine at the same time. Walk through the Year 6 corridor and see our lyrical poems to tickle your taste buds!

    Come and take a wander, Visit if you dare, Look by the Year 6 staircase and marvel in our flair!

    In Science, we have been busy learning all about the Particle Model and learning about the difference between mixtures and substances based on their particles. We have been investigating what makes a liquid a liquid as well as looking at the key differences between solids, liquids and gases, looking at how states affect properties and explaining melting and freezing points using key scientific vocabulary.

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