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Posted 26-03-2020 12:22PM

Dear CES Community,

If last week was a celebration and of community, then this week we surely need to share the amazing attributes of open-mindedness and motivation that our students and teachers have exhibited. The excellent start made to eLearning last week was commendable and I have been happy to see that teachers and students are not standing still but are trying new things. Teachers are consistently implementing new and creative strategies to teach and engage students each and every day. The Secondary School has set up live teaching rooms with cameras and microphones installed for teachers to deliver live streams of lessons and this initiative is being used more and more. Trails have taken place on the use of Zoom and these have proven to be successful so students should expect to see more and more of these live sessions taking place across all years. Teachers have even been finding fun ways to assess student learning and Science and Math have been running Kahoot quizzes to gauge learning in an exciting manner as well as encouraging positive competition between students. Below are some of the Math Kahoot results and winners, well done to all of you!

With news being released that the school closure will remain for 2 more weeks it is important for students to maintain the routines they have picked up during the first 2 weeks. These include waking up early, having breakfast, getting changed and setting themselves up in a comfortable environment to being learning. I am missing having all the students in school and some of the most pleasing photos I receive are of those showing the students working on their education in their own homes.

Once again the level of work uploaded from students is outstanding and we ask that parents continue to praise their children for all the good that they are doing. I sadly can't upload all the examples of work I have received but below are just a few. There is also a snapshot which is a delight to teachers, a recent lesson from Year 7 English where work has been uploaded and received individual feedback. This is something I am seeing across all year groups and classes and is testament to the students' positive attitude and work ethic.

My final message of the week is to all those students that were due to sit final examinations in May and June. The final examinations are always a time of challenge and very often anxiety as you prepare to consolidate all of the learning and all of your hard work that you have put in over the entirety of your course. In these unprecedented times and the cancellation of the formal examinations it is understandable that you may be filled with a plefora of questions and doubts about what will happen next. Please take some solace in that all students globally are in the same position and understand that you are not alone in what you may be feeling. If you are struggling then please contact our school counselor, or member of the safeguarding team, this includes myself. It is important that all of you know that although the examinations will not take place, you will be finishing you IGCSE, AS, A-Level or IB Diploma, and will be awarded the qualifications you have earned. The school understands that final grades will be awarded based on previous work that we can evidence as well as work submitted during this period of eLearning. It is vital that the effort you would be spending on revision is now redirected to submitting all assigned work, old and new. At the moment of writing we have no confirmation or specifics on the process and the examination boards expect to share with us guidelines in the next few days. Once the school receives them we will be able to put in place planned procedures and these will be shared with you. Until this time, I ask students not to worry or fret but simply put their thoughts and effort into producing the best work they can.

I wish all members of the CES community a safe weekend.

Mr Andrew Lennie

Head of Secondary

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