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Posted 02-04-2020 01:46PM

As we approach the end of the third week of online learning I wanted to focus on the important things that lie ahead as well as all the good things that have been taking place this week. It is without doubt a very busy time in the secondary school and even with students working from home the school year has not stopped and it continues on unabated.

Each day I received positive feedback from teachers about the work students are producing and examples of student work has filled the last 2 newsletters. However, this week I have been left with a distinct feeling of pride because of the number of messages I have received from students about their teachers. Many students have seen their teachers in a new light and have clearly been appreciating the commitment and dedication that they have been displaying.

The last week has seen teachers driving out more interactive and live sessions which include more regular Zoom sessions for all year groups and videos via the Loom platform which students and teachers are enjoying as it gives natural interaction and also a chance to review the material at a later time. I would like to thank all students in Year 10 that have now submitted their final options for next year, and I hope that I can pass the same thanks on to the Year 8 students who are due to complete their IGCSE options in the next few days.

It is important to remember that a normal week in school is a mixture or learning new ideas and information, consolidating older material and monitoring progress. The last three weeks have been important in continuing and learning new ideas, and with one week to go before the spring break it is important that we all reflect on, and consolidate the learning that has taken place. This is why next week the school will be running controlled assessments across all year groups and subjects to allow students to show the progress they have made during this short time. It is important for those students in examination groups to keep motivation high even though their external examinations have been cancelled there is still a very real and important necessity for them to produce work and demonstrate attainment and progress. Senior students should, if anything, be working harder now than ever before. Like most things this month, the online assessments will be a new experience. They will be in a format not used before and in a setting that students may find unusual, but I am confident that based on how open minded our students are that next week will be just one more success to add to the list of many that we have seen in recent weeks.

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As I end this week's newsletter I would like to remind all students and parents that at 9:15am each morning the Secondary School has a daily briefing with updates and important news, as well as daily challenges for students to take part in. The link to the YouTube Live stream can be found on the eLearning@CES class discussion forum on Showbie. This week I would like to congratulate Sara Fady in 7A, Aaya Yassin in 7D, Youssef Bedros in 8C and Joudi El Gammal in 7D for being this week's winners of 'How well do you know your school?' I look forward to seeing more students participate next week.

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew Lennie

Head of Secondary

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