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Posted 09-04-2020 02:13PM

FS1 children have been finishing off their learning of 'Mini-beasts' as they come to the end of the Term's topic of Animals. They have been working hard on counting and recalling their numbers to 10 in Maths. In Phonics, they have been learning about the sounds /c/ and /k/ and had enormous fun keeping fit and doing yoga.

FS2 have been focusing on Egypt and in particular Cairo, with the story 'My Cairo ABC', which introduced them to many famous Cairo landmarks and have also been encouraged to help make some yummy Egyptian food! In Maths, they have been learning the values of Egyptian currency and using them to problem solve. FS2 children have been busy practicing their phonics digraphs and keeping fit too!

Val Awad

Head of Early Years;


Year 1 have been learning to make amounts using coins, learning the varying values of money and counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. They also used their knowledge of materials to experiment the best way to carry and protect eggs, just in time for Spring and Sham El Nessim!

Year 2 have been busy working on data handling in Maths and interpreting scaled bar graphs. They also read an amazing story, Zeraffa Giraffa which is the tale of a giraffe gifted from the Egyptian ruler to France in 1827. The story follows the epic journey from Africa to Paris, and children used their geography skills to map the story's path.

Hi Ms Beth,

let me appreciate the outstanding performance by you and by the school teachers and staff through the pandemic outbreak, really proud that i'm part of CES family.

Thank you so much for your efforts and continuous support.


Marwa Ghabban mum of

Malika Ahmed Shaker - Y2MM

Tia Ahmed Shaker -FS2C

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