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Posted 09-04-2020 03:00PM

IB 2020 Visual Arts Students' Portfolio

On Wednesday the 7th of April, our IB2 Art students Dana El Mankabady and Renad Abdel Kader, displayed their fantastic artwork which they have been working on as part of the IB Diploma to Ms. Meldrum and Mr.Lennie. Dana's work focused on the discovery of her surroundings including items, objects, areas, and individuals, and Renad looked at different representations of identity. Well done to our IB Visual Arts students, we are very proud of you. Thank you for creating such wonderful pieces!


My exhibition has a common theme of 'Discovery'. Discovery of my surroundings including items, objects, areas, and individuals. This does not mean that all the pieces that have been created for this exhibition will symbolise discovery of new findings, in fact for most it is quite the opposite. Many of my compositions incorporate something already discovered, already existed, but one has most probably not opened their eyes wide enough to truly see their purpose or value maybe even their presence at all. I certainly did not see the value in them until now.

I have used a diverse range of mediums when creating my artworks. They include the basic: acrylic paint on canvas, cardboard, media (photography), price tags and newspaper, as well as unusual materials such as wood, wire on a printing screen, and stitching on canvas. My wide range of choices of medians and odd combinations allows my work to stand out and reflects on the theme of discovery as they are new forms of medians, to me and maybe others, put together. I chose these medians not only to reflect the theme of discovery but to also find myself within the pieces. I like to be quite physical when it comes to producing my work, it allows me to feel like I am part of the piece myself and I could emotionally connect to it; in a way this may even contribute to discovering the piece at the same time. Thus, meaning my audience could do so as well.

Each piece in some style or form links to the next artwork. I start my compositions with landscapes, ones that already exist and ones I hope exist. These are done through the abstract expressionism style – a form of modernism art. As you move on to the next few pieces you could see how some may obtain semi realism features. For example, 'The White House' is a photograph I took during the summer of 2019, of a house I was inspired by in Boston, Massachusetts. However, all the pieces are still linked together as they all either include architectural structures or natural features such as 'The Hopeful flower'. Towards the end of my exhibition I move into the emotionally discovered pieces, mostly created through the form of media, photography. They still obtain the same characteristics as the rest however their presentation is quite different and are again in abstract expressionist style.

Within the last few compositions, I was mainly influenced by Jackson Pollock. An artist that creates with emotion rather than real world. My emotion is mostly love. Love for my family, country, and art. In those pieces I discovered that not only am I surrounded with objects and nature, there are more important things out there that affect me and that even helped me discover myself. Such as my home which is why I incorporate a lot of architectural work.

The form in which this presentation is linked together enhanced my exhibition as I'm able to take my audience on a journey. I hope to influence my audience and help them see how the small details matter, like presented on 'Something out of Nothing'. How our surroundings have a purpose and value, everyone should learn to appreciate it and grow from it. Art is a form of aid for the public and a gift, just like 'The Hopeful Flower' – my gift to my viewers and my influencers.

Due to restrictions and regulations unfortunately, I will not be publicly displaying my work to an audience due to the given circumstances (COVID - 19). But I wish to still influence my viewers online and in the foreseeable future my exhibition myself. I imagine my exhibition, to be in a small closed room painted in a solid colour, like lime yellow. My exhibition pieces are quite large and powerful statements therefor a large room would take away their grandness and the meaning behind them. Yellow would allow my audience to reflect through the images and see joy in discovery. Abstract expressionism is a form of art that mainly focuses on the emotional side of painting and in this exhibition, I hope that the audience is emotions are brought out as mine are.

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