News from Early Years...
Posted 30-04-2020 11:29AM

FS1 Pictures

Lilia FS1W


Omar FS1W

Youssef El Sheikh FS1D

Youssef FS1W

FS2 Pictures

Lamita counting out items in 10s

Lara K


pola lantern

Selim Saad

Selim saad 2


youssef B

Yusuf A


Ziad 1

Fahd 1


Haya sharing

Joud's rocket


Kareem FS2C

Karma Kareem's storyboard

Farida Islam's storyboard

Pictures from 1IM.

Year 1 have begun a new topic, 'Toys and Technology'. They have been designing and making toys at home and sharing their favourite toys with their classmates.

Activity after homeschooling Pola Hany Y1AK

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