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Posted 30-04-2020 12:44PM

Dear Parents

We have come to the end of our first full week back after the Spring break and I have already been impressed by the work being produced across the school. In my message to the children this morning I was pleased to be able to tell them how proud of them I am for their continued efforts and achievement while we are eLearning. They have adapted to this new style in a truly impressive manner. Equally, what is lovely to see, is the way they are supporting each other online. That they are still working as a class this way and helping each other out, shows great kindness and teamwork.

We continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all the children and shared this term's subject overviews a few days ago. I hope your child is excited by their new theme. Do encourage them to complete as much of the work as possible, given your own family circumstances. I have attached the current suggested eLearning timetable for your reference. It is probably also a good opportunity, at the start of term, to go over some tips for supporting home learning;

  • Keep talking positively about education and the new systems, even when you may be feeling differently. This is essential in keeping your child motivated in their work.
  • Try to dedicate a special area for learning. This helps children separate home and work, aiding concentration but also allowing them to 'switch off' from it when their studies are done.
  • Support your child in being organised and independent. Do they have what they need each day? Are they joining the Zoom lessons? Do they use the Nearpod lessons? If they are stuck are they asking their teacher and friends online?
  • Proper sleep and food are very important to being able to learn. During Ramadan this can be difficult to organise. Take a balanced approach and adapt the timetable for learning to suit the needs of your child and family. Some things are fixed, like Zoom lessons, but there may be better times of the day to do other activities.
  • Encourage your child to stay active. There is still a PE programme on Showbie for your child to follow. Encourage them to take part in the challenges and upload their video. Activities they particularly enjoy they could come back to. Three or four 10 minute sessions a day will help your child mentally and physically.
  • Cut yourself some slack! Both adults and children are having to work in difficult circumstances. If things get stressful try to take a step back and focus on family.
  • I know the success of the eLearning programme is due in no small part to the continued support of all of you, the parents. Being part of this CES community is really a privilege for me and I thank you for all your ongoing collaboration.

    We look forward to being back in school as soon as possible and will update you on any further information regarding this as soon as we get it. In the meantime I hope that you are all keeping safe and well,

    Yours Sincerely

    Richard Horn

    CES Primary eLearning Timetable

    Year 3A

    After learning about 3D shapes and reading the Iron Man, Year 3 were given the task to create their own junk model of the Iron Man. These feature the amazing work done by: Adam A, Adam M, Alia, Carla, Farah, Hamza G, Hana, Ismail, Kenda, Malak, Maria, Maya, Nariman, Omar S, Sarah, Seleem, Sherifa, Tia and Ziqi.


    Year 4

    An erosion experiment done at home Jolie 4C

    Tia 4C making an instrument presentation

    Seif science living things presentation

    Year 5

    Seif Hisham 5F

    Hamza Ehab 5A

    Year 6

    great work from Emmanuel Medhat Hermina in 6C.

    Habiba Siham Sports Skills Poster 6D

    Hamza Haridi 6B Sports Skills Poster

    Yassin Bakry Sports Poster 6c

    Humanities Linah Ahmed Lotfy 6C

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