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Posted 07-05-2020 01:37PM

Dear Parents

So another week is nearly completed and the children have been very busy with their home learning and have completed lots of great activities. Some of their amazing work and what they have shared with us is featured in this newsletter but of course there is much more besides. If you have anything that you would like to share in our newsletter or pictures of what you have been doing, please do send to me. We really would love to keep in touch with all of our families as much as possible.

We have been listening to feedback from our parents and children and have made a change to our eLearning timetable, so I have attached it again this week. The key thing to note is that there will now be a daily Class Zoom with the teachers. This will be a time to cover any issues that may have come up and help out with any questions the children may have in any of their assignments.

Once again, thank you for your support at this difficult time and remember please don't struggle alone. We can be contacted through emails but please be patient and staff will answer your queries as quickly as they can.

Yours Sincerely

Richard Horn

Year 3 News

Year 3 have shown an immense amount of dedication and resilience with their eLearning and have made their teachers incredibly proud.

With over 100 students attending every single zoom session for both English and Maths, and almost all of the children completing their assignments daily. We have seen some great examples of amazing work across all subject areas. Being the youngest students of Key Stage 2, we are very pleased to see how positively and quickly the children have responded to this new system.

Many students have shown great skill in utilising the class discussion appropriately, by asking and answering questions, and sharing their thoughts with their peers. The students have also demonstrated how well they are able to work both independently, as well as, within a team, by supporting each other on the class discussion.

We are very pleased to be sharing some of our best bits of eLearning from Year 3.

One of my best moments every week is when we start a Zoom session and I show up for the children. The smiles and interaction we receive is priceless! Not just my class, but all of the six classes - I'm blessed.

Then I go on the class discussion for 3A and marvel at how much love, support, friendship and teamwork they display. 3A have even created their own emoji/spot the difference game with their own rules! :)

They cheer each other up and send the best encouraging, heartfelt messages. I remind myself that they're only 8! Wow! They brighten up my day...

Ms. Heba ElAdly 3A – Cat in the Hat

Marking great pieces of work is another highlight of the day.

Some children will keep their teachers on their toes. They produce great pieces and look ready for the next step. Teacher gives feedback which is a little elevated. Children respond and apply that feedback... I could not be prouder!

I have been really impressed by the hard work and positive attitude of not only my class, but the whole of Year 3. Not only have we seen a lot of great pieces of work but also children helping each other out, sharing extra pieces of writing and art and encouraging each other with their learning. I have been especially impressed by the quality of writing this term, inspired by Ted Hughes' The Iron Man. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Mr Louis Sidwell 3B – The Sneetches

Malika 3B

Alexander 3B

Celine 3B

I have been extremely impressed to see the quality of work the students have been producing during these difficult times. They have truly kept an open mind about everything and embraced a very tolerant attitude, which is very fitting, as it is our value of the month. They have made us all incredibly proud to be their teachers and showed us how determined they can be! Well done Year 3!

Miss Nora Adly 3C – Horton Hears a Who!

Hossam Ahmed 3C

Hossam Ahmed 3C

Alya Karim 3C

Ali Ahmed 3C

One of my absolute favourite parts of eLearning, is seeing how positive the students' interactions are with each other in the class discussion! It has been amazing to see the amount of support they provide to each other and makes me extremely proud to be their teacher. Here are some examples of the students greeting, supporting and congratulating each other in the class discussion! Also not forgetting to thank their teachers.

Hossam Ahmed in 3C, sharing a fact a day in the class discussion!

The students have been working so hard from home. It is a difficult time right now for many of us but I'm extremely proud and impressed with the amazing pieces of work that you all have produced. To those who have been using the provided resources to level up your writing, great job! Here are some impressive samples. Keep up the good work and continue to persevere during this tough time.

Miss Karen Selva 3D – The Lorax

Yaseen Shady 3D

Judi Mohamed 3D

Tia 3D

Shereef Khaled El Komy 3D

In Year 3, after reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, the children were learning to write their own descriptions of a monstrous space dragon in a similar style. They needed to include simile, onomatopoeia, repetition and great adjectives in their descriptions and did an amazing job! Here are some examples of their work.

Ms Jennifer Hufton 3E – Fox in Socks

Zain Sheaishaa 3E

Zain Sheaishaa 3E

I have been really impressed with some of the work that I have seen over the last few weeks in Year 3 and in my class 3F, which has made it very difficult to decide which ones to choose to put on this newsletter. Not only that, but I have seen some children really take ownership of their learning by taking their time to produce some of the best writing I have ever seen in Year 3! Keep it up for the final stretch!

Mr. Mark Swaine - 3F – The Grinch


Some precious Zoom moments...

Miss Nora greeting the children before the lesson and teaching different methods of subtraction.

Miss Heba demonstrating and important concept in Maths.

Miss Jenny modelling how to use great similes in writing.

And last but most certainly not least, some positive feedback from our very supportive parents of year 3, we couldn't do it without them!

Well done to all of our year 3 students. We could not be more proud!


The Year 3 Team

Year 5

Comic strip by Amr Moktar 5F

Kareem Youssef 5A Descriptive Writing

Karma Yehia 5A Botanical illustration Science

Mohamed Ayman English Planning 5F

Marina Bissada 5A Cat meme Computing

Patrisia Gendy 5A World Earth Day Project

Patrisia Gendy 5A World Earth Day Project

Patrisia Gendy 5A Cat meme Computing

Patrisia Gendy 5A World Earth Day Project

Year 6

Work Examples of pupils work year 6

Hi this is work submitted from Mennat Allah in 6D. This is a plan for a soliloquy for the story of Macbeth. It's amazing to see that she is exerting maximum effort and showing great enthusiasm in the work she is presenting.

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