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Posted 07-05-2020 01:46PM


We are very delighted to share with you this Newsletter celebrating all the outstanding work by both teachers and students alike this week. A huge thank you and well done to all of our parents and students for all their amazing efforts.

Teachers are all missing having the children in school and we hope to get back to some form of normality soon but know that the time we are investing now staying safe will hopefully keep us all safe in Egypt.

There are some wonderful photographs and examples of outstanding classwork so well done to all of our students for all of their efforts.

Enjoy our Newsletter and ensure you celebrate all this greatness with your child!


Beth Meldrum


Message from the university guidance counsellor to parents of students in year 12

We are having a webinar for year 12 students on zoom next Thursday, the 14th of May at 1:00 pm. Our two CES alumni, Reem Gomaa and Hussein Khalil, will be sharing their university experiences at the university of Warwick and the university of Bristol. We will dedicate 20 minutes for Q&As at the end of the webinar.

Thank you,

Christine El Sanady

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