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Posted 14-05-2020 02:54PM


We are delighted to share this week's news with you. There is a lot to celebrate and feel so much pride for all of our students. I know during these challenging times it can be hard to stay motivated but clearly here at CES we are definitely reaching whole new levels of achievement.

As a leader I know how important it is to keep teachers, parents and students focused and on track so it's important that we continue to celebrate all the positive aspects of this situation. These weekly Newsletters have definitely become part of recording our history and therefore are an important aspect of all the work you are doing.

Next week further details will be shared with you all around the End of Year Assessment Schedules and how this will be delivered. So please continue to access the Live Zoom lessons in a timely manner as well as ensuring your children submit their completed assessments to their teachers.

Thank you for your continued support and all of your efforts. Enjoy the Newsletter and have a restful weekend with your families!


Beth Meldrum


Great Things about CES

I really would like to thank you all for the non-stop continuing efforts to make this period much easier for me and my child.

My child by the third week was able to manage his time, complete his assignments on time with almost no help from my side and for my surprise, he was the student of the week last week!

I appreciate so much the encouragement, efforts being exerted and wishing you (teachers and administrators, leaders and heads) all the health and to stay safe till we meet again soon.

Our teacher's dedication in making sure that every child is engaged and that they are producing work that is up to par, always motivating them!

The amount of material being sent and every single day is amazing!

The teachers have been so supportive answering our emails late into the evening and extra Zoom lessons. Thank you to all the teachers at CES.

CES has been brilliant with my child and the support he receives is above and beyond what I could have imagined.

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