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Posted 21-05-2020 12:01PM

The final few weeks of the school year are now upon us and we are now focused on consolidating learning from the year and during the eLearning time period. Students have been working hard on the assessments this week and have been using the Microsoft Teams platform for the first time. This system adds security and will also make it much easier for students to keep a track of their grades and any feedback. The same platform will be used in the End of Year Examinations at the start of June. Assessments can often be an anxious time for students but they also mean that teachers can plan the resources for next year based on the feedback and results of them. In a break from tradition the eLearning material has been separated from the Term 1 and Term 2 content so that students and teachers can evaluate the distinct learning during both periods.

The unrelenting support of the community has been wonderful and I would like to especially thank the school IT department too as they have been amazing in supporting students that had initial login or password issues. They have been very busy the last few months and the term unsung heroes could well be used more often in their direction. The staff that work behind the scenes at CES play a crucial role and we appreciate all of their efforts.

The 'How well do you know your school?' Quiz had its final prize draw last Thursday and congratulations to Aaya Yassin from Year 7 who was the lucky winner. Seeing the responses each morning from students about how well they know, not just the current school, but the history of the school is amazing and demonstrates that students here really are engaged and are a part of the school itself.

The Year 10, AS, A2 and IB2 have been continuing to upload evidence and work in support of any grade that Cambridge International Examinations will award them in August and the last day for adding old evidence to Microsoft Teams is May 28th, after this date the school needs to do a final review before submitting directly to Cambridge. This is not the end of the Year for these students though, and the school has a full programme to ensure they use their time effectively and start preparations for the next few years. AS students will be moving on to their A2 studies, whilst Year 10 will be following a course where they will be introduced to University application processes, writing of personal statements and much more. It is very easy to feel that the impacts on examinations due to Covid-19 are negative, but it has given teachers more time with students and allows us to do more for the students in the weeks that would normally be lost each year.

In the last week or so, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and when walking into school each morning I cross the quad and look up at the Egyptian flag and every time it reminds me of how much I miss all of our students, and I look forward to having them active and in classes again as soon and as safely as possible. I am sure many of you may be wondering what school was like before March 15th, so to refresh your memory here are some photos that were taken just before the school closure.

Stay safe and Ramadam Kareem,

Andrew Lennie

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