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Posted 21-05-2020 01:30PM

Dear Parents,

Welcome to this week's Newsletter where we are celebrating the magic of CES!

We have included as many of the positive messages as we could so please share this Newsletter with your child(ren) so that they can see their friends as well. Keeping in touch is an important part of this process ensuring that we all stay connected and motivated.

Couple of important messages you need to know:

o Year 8 Parents please ensure that you have confirmed your Subject Options with Mr. Andrew Lennie. We have many new admissions coming into Year 9 so we need to ensure that everyone has a place on the subjects of their choice. If you are not sure or have questions please contact the school directly.

o Year 10 -12 Examination classes: Final Submissions to the examination board is taking place and continues right up to 16th June. Please ensure your child is up to date on their submitted work and that nothing is outstanding. Again if you are unsure please contact the school directly.

o Given that the Eid Break has been extended to encompass the whole week Primary have delayed the start of their Assessments so that the children can have some additional time with their teachers. This will allow your child to ask questions that they may have and know that you are there to support them. Mr. Richard Horn will be sending out a revised Assessment Schedule to all parents.

o Remember in EYS + Key Stage 1 we are preparing for End of Year Assessments to ensure we have the correct attainment levels. Please ensure you continue with daily reading and writing and losing those good learning habits can set your child back. If you need guidance or support please contact the school directly.

Here we are at the Eid Break! A huge thank you to all of our CES families for all of their dedication and amazing work that you have done with keeping your children motivated.

Happy Eid to all of our families and may you stay safe and well until we meet again!


Beth Meldrum


Parents comment

Good morning Ms Beth,

Hope that everything is okay😊 we want to thank Ms Rahat and Ms Monica in FS2S for their great help and support. Really Ms Monica is another teacher not teaching assistant!

we and the kids love her so much and we want to thank her.

Best Regards.

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