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Posted 04-06-2020 01:56PM

The tireless efforts of students and staff continues this week and after the extended Eid Break and the secondary school has continued to provide opportunities for all students to progress in their learning and education. The Year 7, 8, 9 and IB1 students have been hard focusing on material from Term 1 and Term 2 in preparation for the End of Year Examinations running next week. These examinations are really important for both students and teachers as it will help them identify their areas or strength and the areas in which they can improve.

With the examination groups having all their evidence submitted to the school in preparation for sending to Cambridge Examinations the students have been able to take advantage of the additional time this school year has provided. Year 10's have been focusing on University and Careers guidance this week and have been running a special programme which has included sessions with Ms Christine El Sanady the school Careers Advisor, personal statement writing training delivered by Mr Arnold Fletcher and an introduction to our university application platform BridgeU. This week has put the Year 10 on track to be ahead of the curve in terms of post CES preparations. The special Year 10 programme will continue next week when students will get to experience taster sessions with Year 11 teachers of the IB and AS subjects, where they will learn about next year's course and be able to ask subject specific questions to the teachers.

Year 11 students have been able to start material for Year 12, once again meaning students will be starting next year on the front foot. Our graduating class are soon to be CES Alumnists and have been completing tasks this week to help celebrate their time as CES Students.

The school would also like to thank Mr. Tamer Said who has finished the special science classes with Year 7 and 8, I wish him well in completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge. It has been great making this link with such a prestigious university and a talented member of their faculty of education.

In preparation for next week I ask all students that are sitting examinations to make sure that all their systems are working and that they have access to Microsoft Teams and have the ability to Zoom at the same time. I want to wish them all good luck in their End of Year Examinations and I am confident they will make themselves, their teachers and their parents proud.

I also want to say hello again to Year 6 parents and students, I hope that you were all able to view the welcome video posted earlier this week. There will be more induction support coming next week, including messages from our current secondary school students.

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew Lennie

Head of Secondary School

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